Ellen Spoofs Nicki Minaj, and it BACKFIRES!

Twitter Is Not Happy With Ellen DeGeneres's Nicki Minaj Parody

Et tu, Ellen?

Black Twitter is putting Ellen DeGeneres on blast after the talk show host presented a “very exclusive sneak peek” of the upcoming ABC Family sitcom about Nicki Minaj’s early life. The parody sketch was aiming for funny, but took a left turn into casual racism when the "butt" of every joke was Nicki's derriere.

The skit featured members of a Black family frustratingly trying to navigate their home with their big butts getting in their way. The little girl character, based on a young Nicki, was made to bend over as she was introduced.

"C’mon @TheEllenShow a parody about Nicki Minaj’s new sitcom is just…making fun of her body?" tweeted MTV host Franchesca Ramsey, while another viewer wrote, "that Nicki parody on Ellen wasn't funny. it was actually offensive; which, saddens me because I love Ellen."

Watch the skit here to judge for yourself.


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