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Heru Special Chapter 6

"Okay, what the fuck was that?"  Mason asked while cracking a cigar down the

middle.  There was about a gram of weed broken up into small buds sitting inside

a twenty dollar bill.  Mason dumped the tobacco out of the cigar into his hand,

rolled down the window, and threw it out the window.  He rolled the window

back up and looked over at Po.

Po seemed to be in his own little world.  He did not seemed effected by Mason's …


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Wake up!  Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!  Wake up!

It's the first of the month...

So get up!  Get up!  Get up! Get up! Get up!

So cash your check and come on!


Mason woke up to the sound of his ringtone blasting the famous Bone Thugs record.  Even though he made more money than the average man, he still needed "trap music" like this in order to keep him motivated. 



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Godbody Vocabulary 101

For those who don't know, I am a GODBODY.  If you don't know what this is, then you need to do more research.  Although I am GODBODY, I am not a Five Percenter, although I do support some of their beliefs.  Here are some vocabulary words for those aspiring GODBODY's and HOODX bretheren.

POP-LOCK-To subconciously move the unconcious into the concious…


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K-Blao DIscusses the "2nd Fatality Album"

What took you so long to drop this album?

Well for one, I stopped recording it to work on the "Seventy-Ninth" movie project.  I was directing, writing, and producing it with really no budget whatsoever.  It was all a dream, really.  Jen Sacaru and Heavy Bread were both great at acting and allowing me to direct them.  At times, I felt like they thought that I was crazy, because I would tell them to "act natural," then…


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Letters to Amaris Part 4

Where are you?



I know the answer to that but it still doesn't change the fact that you are not here.


This sucks.


It's miserable outside.


I'm miserable inside.


Our future is getting brighter.


But I'm getting darker inside everday.


I can't get you out of my mind.


I can hear your voice.


I can feel your presence.




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Letters to Amaris Part 3

I miss you.


I miss waking up and watching you stand over me telling me to wake up and take you to work.


I miss telling you to take the car because I was too sleepy from staying up all night.


I miss you coming home and walking through the door with my juice in boxes.


I miss you making sure I ate food because I usually forget.


I miss you bringing me a big plate of food with a big glass of juice, but forgetting the…


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Letters to Amaris Part 2

As I was trying to do some work in this cluttered house, I turned on the tv and lo and behold, there was a 3D cartoon on called "Fanboy and Chum Chum".  And at the end of the episode that I was trying to ignore, there were these three kids who had a genie...and the genie showed up to write down their wish.  WHen they wished to never go to school again along with a bunch of other "kiddy" wishes, the genie told them that he only had one "order sheet" left to write their wish basically…


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Letters to Amaris Part 1

Baby, I know that we are in love...I know that.


But love is making us blind to reality...We can't be DILLUSIONAL. 


There are things that you must know if we are going to be together.


1.  I am under DIVINE LAW and MAAT, which gives me the perception to see situations before they happen. 

2.  If you cannot perceive what I perceive, then we cannot be together.

3.  My perception requires a deeper level of thinking that you have to…


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The HOODX Video Network is a television network that hosts music videos in five states. Our first television show is "THE HOODX MUSIC VIDEOS FROM THE BASELAB." It is hosted by DJ Freddie Fierce, the sensational electronic/house music disc-jokey hailing from the Bay area. Each episode will air about 10 videos over a half an hour. In between videos, DJ Freddie Fierce will be asking artists to submit their videos to BLAO@HOODX.COM or call (708) 965-2303. This show is a huge opportunity for… Continue

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There is a very powerful book being released in August titled Hidden Truth

Go to to learn more.

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Dipset Reunion 2010

Here it ....if u been wishin Jimmy would go back to bein the hype man, or that Juelz would stop makin music for the bitches and get back to that hood shit or that Freeky would just stop rappin altogether here it is they back nixxaz

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This is just wrong some things should be kept private.

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Top 10 female MC's of all time.

This one is a little harder for me, but here it goes.

1. Lauren Hill (hands Down!!)
2. Da Brat
3. Foxy Brown
4. Lil Kim
5. Mc Lyte
6. Queen latifah
7. T- Boz
8. Jean Grae
9. Eve
10. Boss

No Nicki Minaj didn't make the cut she don't even have an album out!!!!

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Who is in your top 10 MC's of all time?

I know everyone has their own opinion and mine changes depending on when you ask me but as of right now.

1. Jay-Z
2. Eminem
3. Nas
4. Scarface
5. Andre 3000
6. Tupac
7. Big Pun
8. Big L
9. Kool G Rap
10. AZ

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