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baby shower

The Hourglass - Hips and shoulders are a similar width with a defined waistline. Choose from A-line, Ball Gown, Princess Line or Fishtail.

The Pear Shape - Hips are wider than shoulders. Look for A-line, Asymmetrical, Princess Line.

Straight and Slim - Hips, shoulders baby shower and waist are similar width. Look for Ball Gown, Sheath, Empire Line.

Square - Shoulders are wider…


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Kids Birthdays

Nicolet Bank also asked CEOs 1.) "Would you be more interested if a medical trip were combined with a business opportunity and; 2.) Would you be more Kids Birthdays interested if it included a vacation with spouse/partner. "The levels changed substantially," Wegge said.*

*Contact Wegge for detailed analysis: 920.217.7738…


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In January, Nicolet Bank posed several questions about Medical Tourism: 52% of the CEOs, O&Os and GMs never heard of Medical Tourism; 23% heard of it, but didn't know much about it; 17% were somewhat familiar; 9% very familiar.

The Nicolet Bank Business Pulse© also Birthday asked: How interested would you be in traveling to another country for a routine procedure (e.g. your Executive…


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Offshore Outsource Solution or offshore outsourcing is not already new to the Philippines since it started to compete against India over the past 5 years, and there are also some other Asian countries like China and Singapore who's also striving for excellence and competitiveness Party against India. Although a lot of big time companies, and Small medium businesses would love to outsource in…


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YLD - “YLD is Wild”

(Click Cover To Listen and Download)

R&B Project YLD Marks New Chapter For Pioneering Us3 Producer Geoff Wilkinson

“YLD is wild” is the debut album from London-based…


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[MUSIC VIDEO]Smooth Kid Dino - "Bankroll" ft. KD Young Cocky|@smoothkiddino

Chicago-bred Hip Hop Artist, Smooth Kid Dino teams up with KD Young Cocky on his Latest Single, "Bankroll" Visual


  Chicago's very own, Smooth Kid Dino is an up and coming Hip-hop artist who grew up on the South Side of…


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[Mixtape] Behind The Frames 'Misinterpreted'

BTF aka BEHINDTHEFRAMES was born in New York and raised in Florida.

During his earlier years, he fell in love with Rap. With a strong sense of self and pride, his presence gives a statement that you don't have to pretend to be something you're not to be a Rapper. Giving full respect and appreciation to all legends, for his storytelling flow is influenced from a wide range of Rap/HipHop classics; BTF strives to honor the genre by maintaining the…


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Zak (@therealzak) & Jamezz Bonn (@jamezzbonn) join forces to deliver "Sample Pack" on all streaming and download sites

Artist Name: Zak & Jamezz Bonn

Album Title: Sample Pack…


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Boney Washington - Disgusting

Boney Washington continues string of hot releases

with new EP ‘MUD’



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Social Events

The eventual judgement is now history. Celebrations by the GB team within the Convention Centre were more than matched by untamed cries of joy from a big crowd viewing the proceedings live on giant screens constructed in Trafalgar Square, Central London. The whereabouts Social Events of the home crowd was, possibly, predictive - the Battle of Trafalgar being possibly the most well known of British…


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Contrary to the fact that Madrid and London had both polled somewhat more votes than Paris in the first two ballots, the French capital was still deemed by many as the favourite to gain the eventual prize. Due to the vagaries of the voting conduct of some IOC delegates, at the Gallery next to last voting stage, Madrid, which had lead the race at the 2nd ballot with 32 votes, was stopped polling…


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Co- working space

I also think that various reputations will evolve (even more than they have already), such that fans will know to tune into Detroit MI for X music, Austin TX for Y, and Tokyo for Z... on and on. Where will the best punk be? Could be HK. Could be Vladivostok. Who knows. Or perhaps it will Co- working space be VENUES that become known internationally for their booking prowess.…


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Jody Lo - Change up

Jody Lo - Change up

Jody Lo back on that lyrical shit. OCD mixtape drops 04/20/2019

Get change up on any music website

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A new movement in radio is happening and this indie innovation is at the forefront of it. Their idea is based on this simple premise - wherever in the world you happen Baptismal to live, within 250 km of you, there are 5 bands you would love... IF only you knew about them. Deli Radio aims to solve this problem with their brand of contextualized internet radio. In a nutshell,…


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For the first time, I notice a farmer with a large silver apparatus strapped to his back and a spraying device in his hand. I've made the same walk dozens of times, but only now does the ominous truth that every single one of the hundreds of rice paddies other than the few on Nila's small farm is doused in chemicals settle into my consciousness. Maybe one day it will pack up and leave. is your portal to …


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Marketing event

Now the market runs every week and the number of members has increased. Many more wish to join, but the space they currently use can't support them. They are looking for a new venue to expand the market into a weekly organic and health food event with music, and food stalls, and more. If you know of anything, please contact them. Nila also offers local farmers the knowledge required to farm organically if they ask.

"I want every farmer in Bali to be able to …


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Whether your club falls into the 24k gold club category or is better suited as an After-Work Bar there are people that are looking for what you have to offer. Advertising Solemnization what your Bars and Clubs have to offer in the places that people are looking for them is the first step in the right direction to bringing in really big business.

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Bridal Shower

This is especially true when it comes to strip clubs, adult nightclubs, and venues that advertise themselves as major Nightlife Parties. Of course, video with sound is also effective for attracting new business to your Live Music clubs, Lounge Bar, Rock music venue, Live Music Bridal Shower Venue, Dance Clubs, and even an intimate concert venue. Let potential business know what the…


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A good way of looking at it is this: If you worked for a week straight and your boss said "Sorry, but would it be okay if we paid you in three weeks for this week?" You Ceremony would probably lose your sh*t. That is exactly how we feel when we have to wait for payment for our services. We arrived on time, performed, and were professional, and we expect to be paid accordingly.

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I know I have covered this in earlier points but it is very important to understand what you're actually paying for when booking a performer. Remember we spend years and years perfecting our skills to make them look flawless when showtime comes. Some of us live far away from your venue and have to travel quite a distance to get to the gig. I personally drive about 35,000 miles Weddings a…


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