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Groove to the Energetic Beats of LvtheGreat’s ‘Dream 45’ on SoundCloud

If you are awaiting a grand bash this weekend add 'Dream 45' to your playlist. This hip hop single by LvtheGreat and produced by Flymelodies is the perfect one.

Artist LvtheGreat from Hannibal has all the reasons to make fans fall for him.…


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Tyler Melano Shows His Talent of Making Music in ‘Gonna Be’

Songs are a great treat for anyone as it inspires people and mesmerises everyone’s soul. The charming singer cum producer Tyler Melano is making his fans go mad with his ultrasonic sound. He is…


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Get Fresh Vibe and Nourished by the High Tech Songs of Sayku

Sayku is an intelligent kind of singer who knows to attract his fans. The great kind of entertaining vibe will uplift your mood and you will never forget that. The storytelling kind of flow is really nice. Sayku knows how to gather many fans into his account within a short span of time. The 19 year old star is making fans get engaged to his song. You will get the charming artist on SoundCloud. The style is just magnifying and clear and…


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You will See RichFrosty’s Imaginative Prowess in 'Why they hatin'

Hip hop music has become one of the most stylish genre and people are getting more interested into this genre. The perfect kind of technicality and the creative kind of beat rapping will take you to the extraordinary world of amazement. The rapper cum singer …


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Live Every Moment Musically with ‘Can Not Trust’ by Trulythesound

Trulythesound has developed his skill of crafting the most attractive sound with his creations. ‘Can Not Trust’ is an alluring rap from his list of craftsmanship.

Hip-hop is refreshing the minds of listeners with the…


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Fortyy Sg Goes Global with His Exceptional Collection of Hip Hop and Rap Songs

Fortyy Sg delivers phenomenal hip hop and rap music which creates a buzz among music fans worldwide. His music is already getting viral and streaming online.

Rising music artist …


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'FORTNITE' By ZANDER2WAVY Presents Flawless Hip Hop and Rap Musicality

Brand new music artist ZANDER2WAVY debuts his new dynamic single “FORTNITE” in the music industry. His music is already viral and streaming on the gala.

Brand new music artist …


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K’Lotty is Delivering Flawless Hip Hop and Rap Blends

Brand new artist K’Lotty has come up with smashing hip hop and rap music. His music is already getting viral and streaming on the gala.

K’Lotty is…


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Mike Nauti’s Musical Fusions are Taking Mind-Blowing Turn in Hip Hop Genre

Mike Nauti is one of the brilliant hip-hop artists is famous on various social sites with his music. His awesome artistry of music making is giving people an extraordinary thrill. His grip on music tune and the beat is mesmeric. His mind-blowing lyricism and the sensational rhythm will make you feel…


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'Westbrook' by Will Foreal will Throw Positive Energetic Vibes into Your Life

Will Foreal is a pro in refreshing your mood with his skillful talent of rapping. ‘Westbrook’ is the lively example of his mind-boggling style and technique.

Hip-hop and rap is witnessing huge transitions every day. The rappers are always focused on creating something good with their…


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Rapper star Young Real will Clear Away All Your Worries

If you are a diehard fan of hip hop music, you will love the songs composed by Young Real. The star has great knowledge in composing wow kind of songs. 

Hip hop music is an awesome kind of genre which will erect your nerve and make you a…


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Feel the Energetic Vibes in the Track 'AGGRO' by Newbie V.S

Feel the pumping beats of the new music piece “AGGRO” by iconic rapper V.S This track is produces by Beatz Era and is soon going to be listeners’ favorite.

The contemporary rap music zone is getting flooded with hard…


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Feel the Extraordinary Energy in the Rap Tracks by Richie

Music lovers must be aware of the craze hip hop music is spreading amongst the enthusiasts. This music style has an amazing spark that creates a relationship between the artist and the listener. The best thing about hip hop music is that the tracks are very relatable so much so that everyone can find certain connections. From injustice and racial disputes to love, sex…


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Goolie’s Latest Single 'Holidays' Goes Global

Goolie debuts his latest music track “Holidays” on the gala. This song offers mild vibes, simple synths, and gentle beats and relaxing melody. The catchy hooks and gripping snares of his song will get you on the dance floor. The frankness and genuineness resonate with the listeners. The ambience which is created by this song is very haunting and it pulls you in. His…


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Yung Walls Launches "xannies in my hotcakes" in Soundcloud for Hip Hop Fans

Yung Walls’s “xannies in my hotcakes w/anunaki” is a melodic chemistry of hip hop and other important element which you will like to listen. It is a structurally thoughtful piece that has the electrifying energy and magnetic statement. The synth driven riffs and the thickness of the rhythm will turn your dull day…


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Famous HipHop Artist Feelixx is Motivating Fans to Listen to his Songs

Young artist Feelixx’s innovate songs are always pleasure to your ears. As the new bee is spreading enthusiasm with his sound cloud profile. The song ‘Crazy ft Feelixx’ begins with melodious tune of guitar followed by the feet tapping beat and rhythmic lyrics. Feelixx’s most listened song ’Mars fit lil…


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REZxROME is Creating Storm with Remarkable HipHop Tracks on SoundCloud

RezxRome from Orange County, CA creates some extremely eclectic song that offers unstoppable energy to fans. Once you start listening to the songs, you won’t be able to stop it. For a better listening experience, enjoy songs…


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ChildsAnonymous has come up with a New HipHop Album "RAP STILL HERE"

ChildsAnonymous releases songs for everyone. He sings for ladies, for men and for street as well. Moreover, he releases songs for those who want to vibe out. Songs in “Rap Still Here” has all sorts of musical blends. From political…


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Newbie K3 is Gaining Popularity with His New Single "Politicians"

Listen to the hypnotic beat of K3 on SoundCloud. His efficient and artistic music “Politicians” will give you a trip to heaven and pacify all your worries in a day.The lyrical song “Politicians” by K3 is on SoundCloud will make you happy.…


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