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Multimedia Music Producer Stereo Nu-55’s New Track ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’ has Amazing Rhythm

Stereo Nu-55 is a multimedia music producer who is all set to take the electronic music to the next level. He specialized in synth-pop genre that is fused with classic rock and pop that all together create an innovative sound that listeners have not heard before. The musical part…


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Baltimore R&B Singer YannaMaria’s New Track ‘Always On Time’ is Mesmerizing

YannaMaria is one of the well-known artists in the music world. She is a 22 years old singer, dancer, piano player and songwriter. Her songs mainly belong to R&B and Hip-hop genre and even there is a clear blend of these genres. She is identified as the princess of Austin Music Group. Her…


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Indian Trap’s HipHop Song ‘Look Like Monayyy’ is Sensitive and Calming in the Presentation

Jay Singh’s from Los Angeles is known by the name Indian Trap in the music industry.  He featured a new female rap artist Kres Zenzia in the song ‘…


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Relax Your Mood by Listening to Natasha Julian's Pop Music 'THINKING TWICE'

Natasha Jane Julian is known for her passionate and enticing music beats that are equipped with soulful lyrics. Her latest song – ‘Thinking Twice’ has an infectious groove with great tunes and beats. The catchy and direct song is edgy and filled with character. Natasha has done an incredible job with the song – ‘…


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SoundCloud Artist Jonathan Burkett is going Global with ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’

Jonathan Burkett’s latest track ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’ feels like a modern day release but it quickly develops into a quirky fusion of styles and genres that stay true to the artist’s own way with music. This track showcases an electrifying musical backdrop with the flawless vocal…


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Real N3mo’s ‘I GLO’ is Making the Party Animals Wild on the Dance Floor

Brand new artist Real N3mo makes a grand comeback with his latest single I…


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Well-Crafted Songs of iLLBDem is Creating Buzz amongst Fans

Hip hop is the only genre that can make your mood energetic within a minute. Moreover, when it comes to rap and hip hop iLLBDem supposed to be the best choice you have. Recently,…


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‘Pump It’ by Unikue Hudson has Come Up with Flawless HipHop and Rap Blends

Upcoming music artist Unikue Hudson has released a brand new hit single Pump It (Prod. Unikue Hudson)”. This artist from Virginia, USA has blurred the lines of hip hop and rap.…


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The Adam Noah is Back with his New Project on Extended Play ‘Habitat’

If you want to hear something fresh and groovy, then The Adam Noah is the perfect click for you. This artist has come up with his recent extended play version which is known as ‘Habitat’. This EP is comprised of 12 tracks…


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HEI$T and FLA$H New Single ‘Phases’ Brings Fiery HipHop & Rap Music

HEI$T and Flash, native of New York USA, has reinvented the hip hop and rap music genre. They have brought to different music genres together and created a masterpiece. They mainly focus on hip hop and rap music genre. Their brand new single “Phases (Prod. Cormill)”…


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‘Hypnorealm’ by JJM_Productions Offers New HipHop and Rap Mix

JJM_Productions’s newest single “Hypnorealm” possess loud and powerful bass and entrancing mix of mild as well as vigorous beats which delivers necessary dose of motivational as well as inspirational energy. The synth riff along with heavy and hard-hitting beats creates an unforgettable music…


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‘All Yours’ is an Energizing Song by the Talented Nick Barnz

Nick Barnz makes some irresistible hip hop songs. He is a perfectionist and knows where to use which beat. You will like to hear his songs any moment.

“All Yours” is one of his best compositions…


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G8toron is All Set with 'Postal Views Podcast # 80 (USPS Remembers 1970)'

There are many ways to communicate with the encompassing masses and make them socially aware of the happenings that are taking place. Not every medium is effective when it comes to speak out loud about the brutal activities and injustice done to the civilians. Podcasting is a creative way to express and share views and opinions with people.…


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Power Pack Rap Duo SinnerCliqueRec Releases Back-to-Back Singles

Upcoming hip hop duo label SinnerCliqueRec is spreading energetic vibes on the SoundCloud. This duo is setting trends in the new wave hip hop and rap music zone.

SinnerCliqueRec is a Miami based label and is comprised of two versatile artists Steez and TKO.…


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Exclusive HipHop Tracks of Mike Nauti’s will Make You Highly Energetic

If music is the only thing that leaves the peace in your mind, then you must keep yourself updated about the latest releases. Mike Nauti has therefore delivered some incredible hip hop and rap for his listeners. Being the most-energetic…


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'$orry Not $orry' is an Ecstatic Music Composed by $igma $hy

Tune into SoundCloud for the wow kind of music by $igma $hy. He knows how to make everyone happy with his “$orry Not $orry” and you will be entertained by his song.

Stream “$orry Not $orry” by $igma $hy on Soundcloud…


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HipHop Music Star Billie Band$ has a Great Voice and You will Fall for him

If you like listening to hip hop song, then you will like listening to Billie Band$. He is making great songs and you will find him on the site SoundCloud.

Billie Band$ is taking his style of music to different height and you will…


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“Grime Is Nang” is a Great Composition by Luie Da Don

Luie Da Don is making great song which is very much for the youth of today. He has made the wonderful song “Grime Is Nang” and you will find it on SoundCloud.

Stream “Grime Is Nang” by Luie Da Don on Soundcloud Here:…


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CP has Released a New Rhythmic Single “Naughty [Adult Language]”

CP has made some extra-ordinary musical blasts by releasing new hiphop track “Naughty [Adult Language]”. The intensity of his voice will keep you energetic.

CP, who is also known as …


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“RIP JROD” is the Contemporary HipHop Song by Stoner Jordan

If you want to hear hip hop song, you must hear the song “RIP JROD”. The song is made by the artist Stoner Jordan and you will find him on SoundCloud.

Stream “RIP JROD” by Stoner Jordan on SoundCloud here :…


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