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A Dreamy Lovey Wavey New Hip Hop R&B Feel with DB Kash's "I'll be There"

Stream DB Kash - I'll Be There on SoundCloud:

Wavy chill ambient harmonized digital piano chord resonances pouncing into a woody beat maze of 86 bpm groove…


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Dodi - Rar3

Dodi’s music style is as hard as the concrete he grew up on. His music is an echo of his life story and pulls no punches. His lyrics leave you with a vivid and gritty depiction of what he has been through to the point you are reliving it with him. This makes listening to his music a truly personal experience. As his faith is of…


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MAG - Designer feat. ZoneNaxis

Mag is a hip hop artist/songwriter from Lancaster, PA (The Lanc). On August 28, 2019, Mag dropped his debut album entitled I Am Mag. It was met with high praise and the songs "My Last" and "Blessed" received radio plays. On September 23, 2019, Mag dropped his 2nd professional project entitled "Designer" featuring…


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Gunnr6ix - Breathing

Gunnr6ix's "Breathing" is his 4th single off his upcoming album 50/50. "Breathing" is the first of many songs Gunnr6ix…


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Listen To How Legendz GC Changes Up the Vibe With Higher Energy on "Money"

The self-taught singer, rapper and musician, Legendz GC's latest single "Money" captures talented lyricism together with good vibes and positive energy. 

Legendz GC has an uncanny ability to sound at home on a beat that is both party and chill at the same time, produced by STZ. Legend GC's artistry is accentuated by his collab with…


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Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink – Late Night

Check out the new single “Late Night” by Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink.

Stream Julien Caine x Sethi Shmactt x Kid Ink, “Late Night”:


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Mr. Rey's New Single "No Worries" Keeps the Faith Through the Worst of Times

"No Worries" by Mr. Rey is a song about keeping faith even through the worst times. It has an infectious melody with an epic sounding beat. The main takeaway of the song though is to be focused on what you truly want in life no matter how hard it may get. A true inspiration for artists and entrepreneurs alike. Anyone who comes…


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SauceFame Blurs the Line Between R&B Melodies and Hip Hop Energy in His New Single, "2 Lit"

SauceFame's "2 Lit" is a song for anyone to turn up to. It’s an energetic and hype song for numerous kinds of events such as, concerts, clubs and parties. You can also workout to the song.

SauceFame is an artist/performer whose sound blurs the line between melodies of R&B and the energy of hip hop. Based out…


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Dutch - Learning How to Die [Album]

Coming off the success of his 2018 release Single Player Game, Houston artist Dutch returns with his highly anticipated follow up album, Learning How To Lie. The 8 track project is a genre bending blend of hip hop, pop punk and rock; a unique sound that is ubiquitous to the mood that Dutch has curated throughout his…


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In An Era Where We Search for A Hip Hop Artist to Bring More to the Game, The Live Fire Delivers This Gem

The Live Fire is an amazing new rap artist with a unique lyrical style and great stories in his music who has fun, hot beats, action, drama and comedy wrapped altogether in his self-titled creative album, THE LIVE FIRE.…


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Energetic and Impactful: Minnesota's 000Andre Drops an Eclectic Hip Hop, Rap and RnB Treat Leading Up to Summer 2019

Upcoming Minnesota artist 000Andre lets us feel the heat of the summer waving through in his energetic and fun single, "Switch Up."

Reminiscent of…


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Why This Racist-Sounding Song Isn't Racist At All

After getting feedback from someone who thought this song is racist, I wrote a detailed explanation aiming to accurately contextualize it so people can understand…


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Former Porn Star Heistheartist Molds a Lush and Intimate Atmosphere in His New 3-Track Mixtape

Stream/Download Heistheartist's 3-track mixtape on Datpiff »

Porn star turned singer-songwriter, Heistheartist, molds a lush and intimate atmosphere driven with an emotionally heartfelt approach to singing and…


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Dizzy K. Falola - God So Loved the World [New Album]

Singer/songwriter Dizzy K. Falola has released his new album, God So Loved the World, an Afrobeat, Christian, world music release. As described by Dizzy K. Falola, the album contains "a powerful message based on a strong dancy beat."

Buy the album on CDbaby »…


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Wystelands - Smile

Wystelands describes the battle with the ego that resists, tricks and weighs heavy when trying to connect positively with other people in his new single,…


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Grind King DJs – #ArkATLanta6 [Mixtape]

Long Live Baby Jordan, Shake Bacx El Mondo Da Plug💯 💯 💯

Grind King DJs (…


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A Sound True to the Miami Nightlife - B. Lansky's "The Hold Up"

Peep “The Hold Up” by B. Lansky featuring Vado. Boasting a sound true to the Miami nightlife, B.Lansky has dropped back in to bless us with his new jam “The Hold Up.” This record possesses a head-rocking bass line as B. Lansky and Vado rap back and forth about their superstar ways and the lifestyle they are currently…

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Trap Doesn't Get More Genuine Than This - Review of EazyFace's Album "Blu Faces"

The stylish Arkansas all-round producer, writer, rapper and owner of the Blu Flame Entertainment label, EazyFace (…


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Billboard Top 100 Success Brian Hutson Delivers Debut Album, "Habit"

Listen to Brian Hutson's new album Habit on Spotify »

There’s a sweetening of hardships that runs through Brian Hutson’s debut album, Habit, named after the critical…


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Cloudy Retro – Eleven Thirteen Sixteen [Album Review]

While going through a year of blows with a rough kidnapping and a broken engagement, while making it through college, and for reasons only known to him,…


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