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HOODX Houston Begins May 3rd at Midnight

HOODX Television Network Kicks on Season 1 in Houston Texas…


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HOODX Television Studios

HOODX TV is a national, award-winning cable TV and digital network reflecting the best that independent film makers have to offer.

Dreams Come True With HOODX Television and Film Studios

HOODX Television and Film Studios can help you tell your stories…


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Atlanta is giving HOODX a test run on Comcast 24

Tonight is a special night!

We are getting a test run in Atlanta on Comcast channel 24!

Our situation in Atlanta has been somewhat "shakey", but everything seems to be back up and running.

Tonight at midnight (East Coast Time), we will be getting a "test run" to make sure that #HOODXLIVE meets all the requirements of Comcast Atlanta.  

So make sure you TUNE IN and share that…


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@DJAmandaBlaze "R&B Summer Jams 17" is LIVE on #HOODXRADIO!

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Over 150 of the Greatest Freestyles Ever

This playlist is the epitome of my favorite freestyles and hip hop songs.  I use this playlist as motivation whenever I work out, grind, or just get in the zone.  I hope that you will have as many great memories to these songs as I have had.  Enjoy!

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K-Blao-The Second Fatality

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K-Blao-The Second Fatality…


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My Temporary Life


  I was sentenced to 20 years with 5 to serve at the age of 19. This isn't really about that though, I just thought you would need some background for this to make sense. When I was released I had no job prospects and any work experience I had was 5…


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Rap vs. Hip Hop

    Some of you reading this are probably confused by the title, don't be. Contrary to what BET, MTV, mainstream radio and publications like XXL, Hip Hop Weekly, etc.., lead you to believe there is a difference between the two. You wouldn't consider Mos Def or Talib Kweli a "rapper" anymore than you would consider Waka Flocka or Gunplay an emcee. The difference, as with most things in life, is intention. Whether you agree with it or not Hip Hop is about spreading a message and raising…


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There is a very powerful book being released in August titled Hidden Truth

Go to hiddentruthbook.com to learn more.

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Dipset Reunion 2010

Here it ....if u been wishin Jimmy would go back to bein the hype man, or that Juelz would stop makin music for the bitches and get back to that hood shit or that Freeky would just stop rappin altogether here it is they back nixxaz

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This is just wrong some things should be kept private.

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Top 10 female MC's of all time.

This one is a little harder for me, but here it goes.

1. Lauren Hill (hands Down!!)
2. Da Brat
3. Foxy Brown
4. Lil Kim
5. Mc Lyte
6. Queen latifah
7. T- Boz
8. Jean Grae
9. Eve
10. Boss

No Nicki Minaj didn't make the cut she don't even have an album out!!!!

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Who is in your top 10 MC's of all time?

I know everyone has their own opinion and mine changes depending on when you ask me but as of right now.

1. Jay-Z
2. Eminem
3. Nas
4. Scarface
5. Andre 3000
6. Tupac
7. Big Pun
8. Big L
9. Kool G Rap
10. AZ

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