‘27’ Offers the Atmospheric Energy to All the Fans Only on Soundcloud

If EDM music floats your boat, you must listen to Noa Aon. This musician and DJ make some outstanding tracks for his fans to enjoy. His latest track – “27” offers fans the necessary freedom to enjoy their lives and get rid of sadness/sorrow. This track is brilliantly composed with loads of musical instruments playing in the background. The atmospheric energy of this track is well equipped for a 27 year old. Also, the essence of the song is about him with an amazing skill-set equipped for brilliance. The intensity of the track has all the inspiration fans need to make their lives enjoyable.

If you want to drown your concerns and boost your mood with great tracks, listen to “27” by Noa Aon. The unwavering passion in this track embraces musicality in the shiver-inducing energy of the mix. The movement and idea encourages fans to listen to “27” as well as “Volume 14 from Story Nightclub Miami”. These two songs make fans really motivated and energized.  Aon is the reflection of Noa and the idea is to make music accessible for all. With his songs, Noa Aon strives to bring a movement and freedom. To connect and follow this great DJ, go to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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