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This track was my first major project and tells my story without getting into the nitty gritty of it. Transcending from the ghetto of Luton to the sunshine of Barcelona in the music video out, the 1st of January, it explains my fight to breakout out of the ghetto lifestyle of my past through music.

About Big Oz

I've been writing music for maybe a decade now originally inspired by the energy of the grime scene when it first emerged with artist such as Wiley, Chipmunk and mostly Ghetto (Ghettz). Ghetto's album ghetto ghospel with his incredible delivery, the energy was always uplifting really inspired me to make music. It became clear to me also at a young age that I was never created to be an Albert Einstein of our generation with countless exclusions from school leading me to give up on any kind of academic success. However, I found that music then was also an escape as I found myself running a studio at a local radio station. In helping other youth going through exclusion from school make music and escape I found my calling. My life during my teen years was always in turmoil with lack of identity as many black african youth experience everyday. I found myself homeless many times, I also found myself entangled in crime as a result of it. I feel though a very low stage in my life it was also vital for me for growth in character. My life experiences over the years can be revisited at any time through music and through music I can voice my account on events that at the time and age many feel voiceless!

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