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The captain of a charter boat owned by surfing company womens bikinis sale Rip Curl abandoned his passengers after the shoddy ship started sinking, leaving them vomiting in the ocean as he roared away on a jet ski with the boats masseuse in tow, a new lawsuit claims.

Chaos ensued. The suit underwear masseuse panicked and jumped onto the Jet Ski with the captain … While passengers boarded the life raft, the masseuse fell from the Jet Ski and landed in the ocean. She could not swim, reads the dramatic account of the voyage in the suit.

The five surf enthusiasts suing the company say in 2015, they paid $30,000 for a two-week boarding vacation off the coast of Indonesia on the boat Quest 1, which was featured in Rip Curls iconic Live the Search marketing campaigns.

Instead, they lived the search and rescue.

Per their account of the journey, the passengers awoke one night to find the crew freaking out as seawater gushed into the engine room.

With all the bilge pumps out of order and no satellite communication equipment on board, the captain barricaded himself in the wheelhouse and was observed repeatedly yelling English obscenities into the radio — but not the boats location.

As the passengers frantically tried to bail out the engine room themselves, one discovered he had a lone bar of cell reception, and called his girlfriend in the U.S. to let her know what she was happening so she could call for help.

With the crew unresponsive and the captain inconsolable the passengers began to grab their gear to abandon ship as fuel and water filled their rooms.

Thats when the story gets truly crazy.

The captain suddenly jumped on a jet ski, leaving the passengers and crew on the sinking ship — followed by the boats on-board masseuse.

As two of the passengers tried and failed to inflate the boats life rafts, one was washed into the ocean by a huge wave — and then the massage expert fell off the jet ski.

In the captains haste to pick her up, he allegedly ran over the man overboard.

The passengers and crew eventually resigned themselves to floating in the dark on their boards and a lone lifeboat theyd managed to inflate, watching the ship go under as several barfed from motion sickness.

After hours of waiting with no rescuers in site, one of the surfers paddled for help and eventually found another boat called the Foxy Lady that came to their aid.


Back on dry land, they attempted to contact Rip Curl for help getting somewhere to stay and a way back home, but their calls went unanswered and emails ignored, the suit claims.

In an article published shortly after the 2015 rescue, the passengers account didnt sound quite so dramatic.

We had to abandon ship. It was a frenzy at first — people were just jumping off, going under the ski, all that stuff… But in the end we regained composure and got everyone into the life rafts, plaintiff Pete Nevins told Surfline magazine.

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