New Jerusalem



The album is actually named “New Jerusalem” and Jacques Johnson (Pronounced: Jhock) did things his way and all by himself creatively. The name isn’t the only thing unique. This quiet young star has tracks that leave you playing them over and over. There are no paid features on this album. He hasn’t tried to ride on someone’s brand. There is just good music. They variety on the track list remind you of Drake, Kanye and some trap just to let you know he can. The mixing is phenomenal and the skits are authentic. His single “Spotlight” is a party anthem for anyone and everyone. His track “That’s A Bet” gives you a street anthem with a strong beat. Then, you get to “Nailed” and you feel anointed by the lyrics because Jacques Johnson refers to being Nailed to the top and turning water to Ciroc.

This young indie business owner is being viewed as a quiet storm. His demeanor is low key until he hits the stage. He has been referred to as “complex” because his lyrics are not that of a young artist. If he chooses to play an instrument, he does. He is a master of self teaching. His amazing mind will keep bringing hits. His story is one of diversity and a well educated suburban upbringing, but he has always made music and lyrics his first loves.

With the partnership of GameTite Records, Jacques Johnson has distributed his own music worldwide, teamed with a major retailer for store promos, opened for major artists, and is killing shows. With his publicist, Tara Thomas and promotions with DM Management Co. and Marjohn Ent., Jacques Johnson’s team is making moves. It can only get better from here.

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