Cream Man Unites Tallahassee And Memphis On Smash Single "Creamlenciaga" Feat. Flexx Kapone

Creamlenciaga was me taking 2 brands and mixing
them like gumbo to make a dish I could serve the
culture. It's like spaghetti is the balenciaga brand
and cream man is the sauce on top. Served to the culture
on a hot dish you feel me....Cream Man like bacon.

I make everything better when I attach myself to it.
Flex Kapone was the herbs and spices needed to finish
the meal or track. Hot artist out of Memphis that was
given the chance to come big on a record and he
delivered well...Shout out to big bro Bleu Marley
for providing the recipe and giving me the chance
to stand in the kitchen and cook up. Creamlenciaga
is a meal and cream man is gonna feed the people.

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