Don't Give In to the Astonishment Lit (The Dharma Lit)

1.  When synchronicity unfolds or someone experiences Total Recall or "divine intervention", the typical response is that the mind will go into "awe" or a "wow" effect.  This is also known as the "Dharma Effect".  This is called "giving in to the astonishment."  It is important that the person PAYS ATTENTION to the divine patterns of synchronicity instead of letting the foundation of synchronicity turn into a watery illusion.

2.  When Terrence McKenna took DMT, he was "transported" into another world that was compared to a dream-like fairytale.  He was approached by "elves" and "fairies" who told him "Don't give in to the astonishment."  They were trying to show him that they had the possibility to "speak" entire worldly structures into existence.  This is also known as "pop-locking".  McKenna testified that it was "impossible" to do what they were doing, but they were speaking entire worlds into existence.  He was completely floored by what he was witnessing, but the elves kept telling him "Don't give in to the astonishment!"  Pay attention!

3.  Synchronicity is a difficult concept to explain to someone who is not consciously aware of how unrelated event can trigger completely, unrelated, parallel event.   Under the Bastard Language Lit, these types of events are usually described as "crazy".  Other typical responses include "Wow", "Damn", "What" , "For real", or a long sigh.  This is usually a sign that the subject is giving in to the astonishment of the synchronicity instead of actually studying the scientific method of how the synchronicity of the ether unfolds. 

4.  CCDD is the ether that cannot be properly described under the Bastard Language Lit. On a practical scale, CCDD can be thought of as the Big Bowl of Nothing.  As the ether begins to pop-lock into a physical plane, it can be somewhat unpredictable, because it is chaotic in nature.  Although a seemingly chaotic pattern may be difficult to determine, it is better to have this precise understanding of patterns, instead of chaotic energy that cannot be explained or described on a practical level. 

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Comment by Auset Mchristion-Thomas on July 19, 2013 at 12:05am

thank you sir.

Comment by Mic nerks on July 18, 2013 at 9:09pm

staying on frequency ... and this is that high standard level frequency blogging right here

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