Enjoy “No Rank” New Hip Hop Blend of TopNotch Singers 2PROBLEMZ

Rising artist 2PROBLEMZ have a deep knowledge on hip hop and rap genres. The US based artists possess flexible voice that makes the listeners go crazy. The hip hop and rap songs of 2PROBLEMZ represents wonderful lyrical prowess along with drum beats. The renowned music producers are expecting these aspiring musicians to get a good position in music industry in future. The music duo 2PROBLEMZ is bringing back the true essence of the golden age hip hop with their amazing compositions. Excellent lyrics, fluent raps, and drum beats – all these elements facilitate him making a big hit amongst other rappers of the recent era.

Their flagship new single “No Rank” will take you into deep and leave your speakers vibrating. These versatile singers out of NYC, United States will soon beat over other aspiring singing stars in Soundcloud. “No Rank” is accompanied with bass drum, loud kick, amazing riffs and crystalline keyboard tunes. These young singers mainly focus on artistry and new musical blends. The custom beats in their new single “No Rank” are produced exclusively to impress the hip hop music enthusiasts. Get ready to hear their more new beats!

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