TattedUpBroc is the Man behind "Crackheads Made Me Rich"

Being one of the most real rappers coming up in the game isn’t easy, but Tattedupbroc is up to the task. Since 2016, the Jersey rapper has kept the streets well-fed and itching with combustive songs like "Whole Lot" and "Quitters Ain't Rich". With no co-sign from a major artist and just independent grinding, it looks like Tattedupbroc could be one of the next up to take the streets and the charts by storm.

Tattedupbroc also known as Broccoli has been arrested in the past and definitely has earned his street credit in his neighborhood. Unlike a few rappers in the music industry who rap about the street lifestyle but really have no idea what it's about, Tattedupbroc is very familiar with it but says it's nothing cool about it. Growing up was not your average American childhood story for the rapper.

Like most rappers who are from the hood, his life was just as hard as the next. Seeing people get shot, watching family members do drugs, losing close friends at an early age for various reasons and everything else that comes with living in the projects.
Being from the hood is what made him the artist he is today and this is what helped him create the EP "crackheads made me rich vol.1", in which the streets fell in love with. From the first track to the end of the tape, song subjects range from drug selling, getting tattoos to committing murder. Never glorifying any acts of crime just simply expressing what he has seen, have done or will do if necessary is what he puts into his songs. His convincing tone, serious delivery, and sarcastic flow is what attracted the streets to this tape. Not only gangsta rap but Tattedupbroc also gives the listeners a taste of his singing and pop side in upcoming projects that will be dropping on all streaming platforms soon.


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