Feel the Extraordinary Energy in the Rap Tracks by Richie

Music lovers must be aware of the craze hip hop music is spreading amongst the enthusiasts. This music style has an amazing spark that creates a relationship between the artist and the listener. The best thing about hip hop music is that the tracks are very relatable so much so that everyone can find certain connections. From injustice and racial disputes to love, sex and murder, hip hop music stylistically represents different themes. SoundCloud music streaming site is one amazing place to listen wide range of hip hop tracks from new artist. This season artist Richie aka Michael Richwine needs special attention.

Listen the songs of Richie:

By now there are a bunch of tracks on Richie's SoundCloud gallery. His debut track "Shutdown" itself proves Richie's mastery on contemporary hip hop music. The next track that has further proved Richie's awesome sense of music is "Die For It". This track is an exemplary music piece that is a pure blend between bone chilling music score powered with hard hitting rapping style. Some other tracks a like "Shutdown", "Spooky!", "Splash" and others are also outstanding.

Artist's Social Link:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/michael.richwine.5?ref=bookmarks

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/michael-richwine

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