G8toron is All Set with 'Postal Views Podcast # 80 (USPS Remembers 1970)'

There are many ways to communicate with the encompassing masses and make them socially aware of the happenings that are taking place. Not every medium is effective when it comes to speak out loud about the brutal activities and injustice done to the civilians. Podcasting is a creative way to express and share views and opinions with people.

G8toron’s podcast episodes are the revelation of how the postal workers regardless of their gender become the victims of the ill-treatment of the supervisors in the workplace. He creatively narrates each episode and also incorporates the voice clips of others who have faced such brutality. In the latest “Postal Views Podcast # 80 ” he discussed about a remarkable moment in 1970 strike and reminds the United States postal workforce to keep going. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming podcast episodes.

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