GC Jaye Vex Fuses Unique Musicality in New Hip Hop Single “Chill”

The incredible music of young singer GC Jaye Vex is getting viral amongst the mass. “Chill” represents the energetic mood of the artist. This new flagship single is gaining good response from the worldwide listeners. The song begins with a soothing backdrop. The entire music is fused with excellent rhythmic approach. If you enjoy listening to edgy music, then GC Jaye Vex is the perfect choice for your music playlist. Under the production house Guap City Ent., this singer is releasing back-to-back new tracks. While releasing the song “Chill”, the singer has teamed up with another famous name Eddie who has featured in it.

The soothing backdrop music of “Chill” sets in a peaceful ambience. This music brings in the touch of emotions and feelings of this singer. GC Jaye Vex who is also known as Josh Fittante has gradually become the best choice for the hip hop music enthusiasts. “Chill” is undeniably a genuine hip hop fusion that will soon topple over other hit songs in soundcloud. This music delivers a new energy to your body and lets you enjoy every little beat.

GC Jaye Vex has received notoriety in a short period of time. According to the music producer, this singer will soon become one of the most-requested hip hoppers in the clubs and parties. The rhythm-verse combination in his track is worth praising. His journey in the world of music sets a milestone for the new hip hop singers who wish release new hip hop tunes. With thousands of followers in soundcloud, this singer from California is creating buzz. Fans can also connect him in instagram!

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/gc_jfittante/

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