Get Groovy Vibes In THE VOIDED’s New Remixed Approaches

THE VOIDED – a new name in the electronic music industry has made the buzz amongst the listeners. His work on the new song ‘Eleanor Rigby’ delivered by the famous music band The Beatles has added a new direction to the world of music. His remixed version is really something that stands out the artist from most of the electronic releases that you have heard in these recent months. Here, the rhythmic approach is weird enough to fit into the perfect place in the track.

Heavy beats combined with thick bass notes are the characteristic features of these artists’ music. The low notes hit like steps right before the captivating synth melody begins. His tracks lead the audiences through a thick haze of haunting sounds that feel luminous, like staring up at a bright moon embedded in a star scattered sky, encouraging the audiences to move forward and pay more attention to the music. The synth-driven exciting melody glides through the shimmering backdrops to a poly-rhythmic rhythm movement, a sequence which leads the listeners to the dance floor.

The sound that is incorporated in the song ‘Eleanor Rigby’ to give it a better remix version will overwhelm your mind. It has an electronic orchestra tone along with gentle instrumentations. The song is extremely beautiful and gives a new direction to electronic music world. The experimental nature of this song is pleasantly reminiscent at times. The style of remaking the rhythmic approach is truly admirable. THE VOIDED has set a new level of musicality to entertain his fans and followers. The kind of artistic element he incorporates in the single has made him unique.

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