Goolie’s Latest Single 'Holidays' Goes Global

Goolie debuts his latest music track “Holidays” on the gala. This song offers mild vibes, simple synths, and gentle beats and relaxing melody. The catchy hooks and gripping snares of his song will get you on the dance floor. The frankness and genuineness resonate with the listeners. The ambience which is created by this song is very haunting and it pulls you in. His music conveys his innermost thoughts and feelings which gets you on a reflective mood. If you are looking for a song to enhance your way of life Goolie’s brand new single “Holidays” will not disappoint you.

Stream: 'Holidays' by Goolie


The opening riff of Goolie’s song “Holidays” works magic and adds a lot to the vintage hip hop feel. It creates a fairly haunting ambience and it gives the listeners something to remember the song track by. His lyrics convey his innermost thoughts and feelings, in a real and practical way, which offers a relaxing, poignant and reflective experience.


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