Goolie’s New Single ‘Nowhere to Go’ Brings Two Music Genres Together

Goolie is a fresh new artist from Pennsylvania, USA who creates amazing trap soul music. He mainly specializes in hip hop, rap and trap soul. His brand new single “Nowhere To Go” is a mix of gentle and trance-inducing hip-hop combined with intense soul music. His songs present you with a memorable musical experience which is heavy and gripping.

The lyrics of his brand new song have mild yet strong lyrics which are expressive and narrate its own story. His music is characterized by impressive and refreshing melody with enough details and catchy hooks to keep you coming back for more.

Goolie’s latest single “Nowhere to Go” has subtle but expressive lyrics and nice catchy hooks which will hold you in its grip. His songs are an expression of originality, dedication and creativity. His music is one of a kind and has his own signature style tone and theme. His music is mostly based on street life, life experiences and relationships. His music is a blend of slow, brooding and reflective music.

This music adopts the art of tough, gritty story-telling nature of hip hop mixed with relaxing and harmonious nature of R & B or soul and creates the perfect thoughtful music. His music features distinctly a dreamlike array of songs. His music is subtle, relaxing but energetic and uplifting all at the same time.

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