Groove to the Energetic Beats of LvtheGreat’s ‘Dream 45’ on SoundCloud

If you are awaiting a grand bash this weekend add 'Dream 45' to your playlist. This hip hop single by LvtheGreat and produced by Flymelodies is the perfect one.

Artist LvtheGreat from Hannibal has all the reasons to make fans fall for him. After attaining huge popularity with the tracks like 'Come Thru', 'Boston' and others, he is back with another smashing single 'Dream 45'. In this track he has teamed up with producer Flymelodies and n both has created a magic. 'Dream 45' can rightly be regarded as the contemporary rap single of the modern day where the craze is more towards peppy beats. LvtheGreat like always does not fail to impress listeners with his exotic rapping skills. The track is very well written to perfect metaphors that will make listeners enthusiastic and compel them to spend some extra time in LvtheGreat’s SoundCloud gallery.

The one thing that must be mentioned about LvtheGreat’s music pieces is that that clearly reflects the Midwest hip hop styles and the special factors about Missouri hip hop scene. Be it about the storytelling rap narration or vibrant music score, this artist has poured his soul into the track. Producer Flymelodies also deserve good amount of attention for adding final touches and making the single the best party banger for this season. Stay tuned for LvtheGreat’s upcoming singles that are soon going to be available on soundCloud.

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