HOODX Houston Begins May 3rd at Midnight

HOODX Television Network Kicks on Season 1 in Houston Texas

HOODX Television Network is delighted to announce that we debut in Houston Texas at midnight on May 3 on Comcast channel 17.

I am honored to be part of a huge television network like Comcast Houston that has uploaded our series into over 1 million Xfinity boxes in Texas.

I cannot thank Jason Candley enough for giving us this great opportunity to bring brand new and cutting edge film and television to such a large audience in the heartland of America.

We will be publishing brand new independent film and television shows, including our national music video show "HOODXLIVE", which hosts thousands of independent small films.

Be sure to add Jason Candley and follow @HOODXTV on Twitter.

You can watch the Comcast Houston live stream here: http://www.hmstv.org/hms-live/

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