Indian Trap’s HipHop Song ‘Look Like Monayyy’ is Sensitive and Calming in the Presentation

Jay Singh’s from Los Angeles is known by the name Indian Trap in the music industry.  He featured a new female rap artist Kres Zenzia in the song Look Like Monayyy and it is his first single. The rap flow in the song is insanely good, high energy and intense at every step. The song becomes incredibly emotive and soothing in the presentation. The rap verse in the song has a cool and calm sense of movement. The music and tune work fine all through the song. The track has a heavy substance which holds nothing back and maintains the originality in the song.

The lyrics in Indian Trap’s song ‘Look Like Monayyy’ have simple and good vibes. The beats in the song make it mellow and colorful, a hypnotic bit of rhythmic escapism. The voice in the song has a level of individuality which makes it easily recognizable. The rap part in the song creates a brilliant ambiance.  The song has lots of potentials to connect with the audience.  This song has a unique vocal style which makes it different from the other songs. If you love this song and want to get more updates then follow Indian Trap on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

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