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John Patrick’s “I Don’t Think They Want Smoke” Buzzing Throughout Soundcloud

John Patrick believes that music has the power to heal people. So, even when being a national guard, he went into walking the path of creating music. “I Don’t Think They Want Smoke” portrays his own view about the human nature, about the human world. The thumping bass of the track is ready to rock your world. The acoustic instruments are perfectly organized throughout the song. The darkness of his life pulled him towards his dreams, towards making them true. His aspirations are the inspiration of this track’s wonderful music. John Patrick’s dedication has created all the hip hop tracks including this recent number, “I Don’t Think They Want Smoke”. His humble nature can be felt with this track.

The groovy beats and attractive rhythm of “I Don’t Think They want Smoke” proves the creativity of John Patrick. This song has conveyed the reality of human nature, of the human world. You will be able to get over your pain while listening to this number. The arrangement of acoustic instruments throughout “I Don’t Think They want Smoke” is a true portrayal of a perfectionist. His struggle and dedication has helped him progress towards success. Listen to this mind boggling track by tuning into his Soundcloud profile.

United States is experiencing versatile artistry with the tracks of John Patrick. His all new music piece “I Don’t Think They Want Smoke” has gifted him another achievement in his success list. If you have not listened to the track yet, then browse through his Soundcloud profile today to experience some awesomeness.

Soundcloud -  https://soundcloud.com/john-griffin-325418487/i-dont-think-they-wan...

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/john.griffin.7374

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