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Josh & Dylan are a unique band from Buffalo New York.They are 21 years old and play, write and rap/sing music they call Alternative Hip/Pop. It can best be described as Mackelmore meets Twenty One Pilots. Check out their debut single KEWL on Spotify and everywhere digital November 26th 2018.

About Josh & Dylan

Josh and Dylan ( The Band ) was originally conceived 10 years ago when two kids from an elementary school in Buffalo New York met and quickly realized they shared a love for music. Soon after, they also realized music was a way to escape the brutal winters that only the North East can deliver. That was 2008.
Fast forward to 2018... J&D, both 21 years old now have a solid 10 years together as a band and are only getting better as they continue to hone their sound. They have come such a long way from those early days in elementary school when the two would spend time emulating their favorite rappers like Biggie Smalls, Will Smith and other East Coast MC’s. They’ve also been influenced by great bands like Steely Dan, the Beatles and great musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. It’s this rare combination of love and admiration for both hip-hop as well as bands/musicians that makes such a unique sound. With Dylan focusing on vocals, piano, drums and songwriting and Josh focusing on guitar and vocals these two produce a very unique sound that they describe as “alternative Hip Pop”. Check out the newest songs that will be released on the bands debut EP slated for January 2019.

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