Krazzy Jay - Choppaz, Pistols, and Cocaine

 This song is based on the lifestyle i was living before i began my music career.

 I am a rapper/ Producer/ Audio Engineer Born In Houston, TX on December 13, 1986. I grew up in a government housing project named Lincoln Park Apartments also known as the ghettos. At 12 I was Homeless   on the streets by myself having to turn to drug dealing in order to survive and feed myself i also channeled my energy into writing raps . At 13 I was taken into cps custody and was placed In abusive group homes till i was 17 and then thrown back into the streets. I went back to selling drugs in order to survive which almost costed me my life. I began really pursuing a career in music as an audio engineer in 2011. I became Focussed on building my studio and being more than just an artist and audio engineer, so I started producing music. During my career I've worked with Willie D of The Geto Boys, and Kyjuan of The St. Lunatics, and many other underground artists. Recently I was Honored By Broadcast Houston as one of the top ten Producers in Houston. I'm working with a hand full of artist trying to Produce the next big artist and make the next hit record. Don't Sleep!!!

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