Listen to ‘Vibes’ by Criss BVR for an Impressively Rhythmic Musicality

The artist Criss BVR is all about spreading positivity, love and peace in the world. His music emerges as fresh, impressive and absolutely detail oriented. The eclectic sounds in the song showcases a tribal beat with solid influences that evolves in an interesting way. The variety of sounds and beats in the song offers an edge note to the song and makes listeners enjoy.

The organic weaving sounds are free from any concern and this is what makes this song an absolute stunner. The song writing by Criss BVR is not at all mainstream and energetic with weaving unpredictability. The best part about the song is the emotional delicacy surrounding it. The moment of calm works wonderfully with the hooks and beats in place that is hard to craft by anyone else. With some amazing musicality – the rapping of the song is powerful yet hypnotically combined with addictiveness. To know more about Criss BVR, connect with him on Twitter and Instagram and also watch his amazing videos on YouTube..

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