November/ December reflection


One of the many things that pisses me off when it comes to people is when a they limits their learning ability, or refuses to even try to learn more that what they already know, or even into subjects they don't know much about (even if it’s in small quantities) I don't understand how a person could not want to expand their knowledge, and lack the drive to even google, YouTube some shit themselves (I only think of these two places as a starting points but not to always take as the gospel truth, but a way to get on a path of learning and expanding what you know) People are so mentally fucking lazy that they rather it be told to them then to learn the shit on their own. People are so fucking self absorbed to the point they want everything to be about them or revolving around them or include them but lack the drive to physically and mentally go search into themselves. And if they want to know more in-depth shit about themselves they want someone else to do the foot work. Even then refuse to absorbed what is being shown to them about them. Which is not how a person looks with in oneself. 

In some of the reflecting, reconsidering and re-evaluating I am coming across more things that will either be address or dismissed out of not wanting to lose my cool over something that can be handled in a more mature manner. I was told that once I do all this Bullshit spiritual follow the heard like a sheep shit which by the way is being told to me by someone who thinks I need to do exactly what they did when they were recently tapped on the shoulder for their awakening, that I would no longer need to research and look for things any longer that I would be able to access it with in myself. Not only did that blow my mind almost into a blind rage but made me realize that people are so easily brainwashed and I refuse to drink the Kool aide. I am sick of repeating myself, as well  having to explain to people that I am on my own path of awakening and this is not my first rodeo. After I stewed on what was said to me brought me back to how I have major issues with Religion and now the  Spiritual communities.

I like to go back and look at old researched topics and dig a little further into what I have acquired, I consider myself a researcher, it is something I have done since I was a little girl and will do until I am a granny, and being told that I shouldn't have to do it was an insult into who I am as a person. I am in love with learning ( about myself and the world) and honor knowledge and truth and part of my personal (as well as private) journey of my soul is through gaining knowledge. I deeply respect the teachings of Socrates and Plato because they are the ones who tried to teach people that life is about learning and knowing as well as understanding in a deep profound way, and that in the search for knowledge one must search for truth, the truth of the universe, truth of themselves as well as the truth to the mind body and soul. As the Master of my own soul the more I know the more I can teach the more I teach the more I keep learning. My higher self is needing me to grow through wisdom and knowledge for they are not the same but yet they both lead to the same road. through learning from with in and outside of myself is a way for me to humble my spirit and grow my soul, something I have been aware of majority of my life.

When ever Mercury is retrograde I always do what is ask by the cosmos (Mercury, mind and intellect is needing us to go retrograde) re-evaluate, re-do re-learn go back over what is known. In this re-evaluation brings up the topic of the Ego. What I feel sets me apart from many people is that I know my ego, and I am also not afraid to step into my ego, but I also know when I need to check it, and when to quiet my ego. something I been aware of doing for a long time. And People who are on this so called spiritual path are so egotistical in a way but refuse to acknowledge it and try to hind the fact that they are speaking through their ego not their heart not their soul. I have this deep issues with people talking about killing the ego, not realizing that the ego is part of who we are. The ego should be transformed from the lower mind use to a higher mind. I do feel that in this realm of life, the ego that is rooted to mind body and soul and when it has not upgraded to the level of being aware of its self and hides in the shadows of its self then it is flawed or damaged and can be dangerous to its self and even others. But we do not need to kill or destroy our identity to reach the level of knowing one self, that is so ass backwards to me especially when its another person inflated ego telling someone to go kill their ego! We should put our ego on trial and find out who it really is and what criminal actions its has done to the mind, body and spirit that it needs to hold its self accountable for, as well as a rehab program to make sure it doesn’t become toxic and go back into repeat habits. I have different thoughts and opinion's when it comes spiritual awakening and being a spiritual being. I hate that they are making spirituality into a religion. One thing I always try to stress to people about Spirituality and awakening is that it is linked to individual souls. 

On to the topic of some astrology: The sun in Sagittarius (9th house) Jupiter in Scorpio (8th house) Jupiter is linked to Zeus's (God)I know this is part of a transformation through the 8th house of death, manipulation, psychic abilities, secrets, sex other peoples money transformation of the soul...The lotus flower is in the 8th house and to find it one must dig into the shit of the soul to find it, so I am always searching for my lotus flower, needing to transform things in my life (certain areas of myself)  into something greater. My natal Mercury who is also in the 8th house (with a cool trine to Pluto that allows me to dig deep into psychological things and is a great bullshit detector) is communication and mental intellect, and Mercury in Sagittarius, (the seekers of  truth and wisdom and higher knowledge and knowing, the traveler, the teacher the prophet) 9th house of God sitting with Guru Venus (Love) Sun (Soul) Saturn (Karma & Work) I will use this retrograde to re look and revaluate what is learned, even relearn reconnect with what I have stored inside and haven't came aware of yet and so on and so forth. 

I am excited to jump start off new projects for the new year to come. I have a couple of musical ideas that are still in the brainstorming process. I am also thinking about re-vamping my Talk show into a different direction. To finally start seriously writing again, for educational , professional and artistic reasons. I am a diverse writer and would love to try a new style and my goal is to write Astrology articles. I also plan to write a little bit of poetry (erotic as well as personal) I am wanting to start working on one of my novels. I have been thinking about Re-formulate my business and reconstruct the foundation of it for the past few months, so I may move forward in a new direction.  I have a couple ideas for a couple of projects to incorporate my kids and boyfriend. I am going to bring in 2018 on a higher level then I did this year!

2018=11 is a Master Number and is link to the 11th house of Aquarius that represents the "I Know" Which links back to Mastery of the Mind & Journey and Soul.

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