Half way thru the month and getting ready to go into the last quarter of the year and I am still playing the "get caught up game" that seems to be the theme for my creative projects in life. I am a burn the candle at both ends of the stick type  of person, and this is something I found comfort in many years ago due to the different diverse mental layering of who I am as a person.  Sometimes I like to brag about my Mars in my Natal chart, and I am not one who enjoys the constant foot in mouth taste so I make a conscious effort to complete projects or certain tasks  that I have started or  stated I would do. I will  find ways to transform, recalculate or revise certain things based off what is actively going on in my life, and where I am mentally, emotionally etc. I am generally pretty good at following through with shit. It is because nothing pisses me off more or will make me lose a level of respect for someone when there is no follow through. There is no honor among men anymore and no ones word is their bond anymore, and I am still very old school and rooted into the morals and beliefs relating to the code of ethics who and how we truly present ourselves. I also hold myself accountable when I do drop the ball or failed to meet certain standards or qualifications in things in life. When it comes to my life and things I am passionate about I have a drive with in me to always stay rooted in to those things because its all linked to my  individuality, and my persona as well  as my bliss and love in this life. 

I have a lot of irons in the fire as well as many  things on my many lists  (I love keeping lists, its a way of staying organized and grounded) I am confident that I will get completed what needs to without stressing or going into a fuck it mode of thinking. I am having a very interesting Solar return year this year as well as a N0de return (north/South node in Leo Aquarius) and a strong Neptune Venus Transit that I am making sure doesn't drown my ass from not staying rooted in awareness.  Virgo season is almost over and I need to keep a grasp on this strong planetary energy due to having Jupiter, Mars and Saturn all in Virgo in my Natal Western Natal Chart (Jupiter and Mars are in Leo in my Vedic) I have a strong 3rd house, its the house of communication hobbies short travel friends  and a house of action and will power, its a house created by mars but is ruled Naturally by Mercury and Gemini. My natal 3rd house is on a Leo/Virgo cusp. I have been trying to do a more go with the flow energy mind set in my everyday life, not in the Pisces let lose kind of flow but more of a natural with some self control and mental awareness to this flow. Some days its a great flow, some days I am on the verge of channeling pluto to destroy it all. I am teaching myself not to be too much of a perfectionist as well as a control freak and as well as being able to flow through these crazy intense planetary transits with less negative backlash.     


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