Mike Nauti’s Songs Will Set Your Feet on Fire

Upcoming music artist Mike Nauti makes a grand debut in the music industry through his unique and refreshing variation of the hip hop and rap genre. His innovativeness and ingenuity in creating music is gaining him a lot of popularity and recognition worldwide.Mike Nauti brings a whole new musicality in hip hop and rap music genre. His music is already getting viral and creating a frenzy on the gala.

He has expressed his truest self through his music. He started writing songs at the tender age of 7. Then he had set up his own studio in his house when he decided to take music seriously. If you love to experiment with songs and are always up for a new experience, then you can give his music a try.

His songs “No Love (Freestyle)”, “It’s A Lot- Ft Naudikah” and “Low” have set the bar on hip hop and rap music. His music is incredibly detailed and very well produced. His intense lyrics, hooks and snares get you deep into his songs. He has perfected the art of story-telling through his immensely expressive lyricism. The strategically planned freestyle gives his music a new edge. Mike Nauti has applied his own trademark style and tone in his music. The uplifting beats and the catchy rhythm get you addicted and make you come back for more.

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