Multimedia Music Producer Stereo Nu-55’s New Track ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’ has Amazing Rhythm

Stereo Nu-55 is a multimedia music producer who is all set to take the electronic music to the next level. He specialized in synth-pop genre that is fused with classic rock and pop that all together create an innovative sound that listeners have not heard before. The musical part in Stereo Nu-55’s track carries out the melody and the story-line in an instantly accessible and refreshingly unique way. The organic and genuine performance style has been captured perfectly well. His new track I Am Mic Jaguris is an ambient, ominous track with post-rock and classic rock influence interpreted for a modern audience.

The melody in Multimedia music producer, Stereo Nu-55’s track ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’ develops brilliantly from the verses to the hook that lets the conceptual optimism rise higher in the process. The musicality in the track ‘I Am Mic Jaguris is impressive, decidedly ordinal and infectious in space. The entire soundscape works beautifully and creates a great impact on the listeners. The verses melody is a long form and incredibly effective that draws the attention of the listeners. Stereo Nu-55’s song ‘I Am Mic Jaguris’ maintains a perfect balance between the softness and the intensity. The whole thing in the track feels like a very natural exploration of the central sentiments of the writing. The song is intense without being heavy, it’s dark and hit hard without being loud. You can also watch his music video by simply visiting the popular video streaming site YouTube.

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