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About Mac Chase

Mac chase is an upcoming artist raised in a section called montezuma village. He start rapping because he use to look up to his older cousin who rapped, and now he using his skills to help him get over his depressions and Insecurities. Everything he go through he rap about it good or bad like his rap book is a Journal. He love expressing his pain and emotions in his music like his singles “switch on me” and “shouldn’t fuck with a heart” both song talk about how the people he love turn their back on him. And he also like making turnt music to get the crowed on their feet like the single he known for  “start sum shit” and his new single “bad” ft D-nel and skoop jigg. “ I love making turnt songs cause I love to see how the crowd react to them while I’m on stage. It gives me a high I can’t control, and never want to let go of.” He wouldn’t compare hisself to no one simple because he say “I’m my own man and im not trying to follow anybody foot steps.” most fans compare him to webbie. He love the feeling he get when fans come up to him expressing how they like his music and when the older people he looked up to as a kid tell him that they watching him, be he refuse to let it get to his head. He loves everything about the music business the good the bad the hustle everything that comes with it. He's love doing music and have more coming like the project he working on now called “demons fighting my destynee.”

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