New hip hop song “My Trap” - Youngn’s rapping Style will energize Your Mood

Youngn has launched some back-to-back new tracks in soundcloud. His new track “My Trap” has drawn the attention of worldwide audience. The song has developed a good plays count in a short period of time. The latest release of this singer is undeniably genuine hip hop. Though there are many artist in soundcloud who have released some hip hop songs, Youngn is gaining good response. His musicality is amazing and accompanied with drum beats. The artist creates some unmatchable melody for his audience.

The music “My Trap” is setting a peaceful ambience as well. His vocal performance is refreshingly cheerful. There is a touch of contemporary hip hop elements in his songs. “My Trap” provides a positive vibe to the listeners. Everyone, who likes listening to hip hop and rap music combination, they are welcome to tune into Youngn’s music. Weird beats are combined with harmonious melody. The vocalization will overwhelm your mood.

If you are diehard hip hop music fan, then don’t wait anymore. Just get into your soundcloud profile and search for Youngn’s music. His song “My Trap” has showcased the unique rapping style of this artist. Party freaks will love tapping their feet with this track. If you carefully observe the music, you will get a touch of beautiful instrumental blend. The beats, bridges and snappy snares are wonderfully fused. One will feel the magic of his voice as soon as they end up listening to the single.

Soundcloud has already gifted this singer with a lot of friendly-ears. Youngn has taken his music to the next level of success. Today, he is reaming to set a new direction to hip hop and rap music world. The rapper is making craze amongst the listeners as well. Fans are expecting this superstar to release more new tracks within couple of weeks.

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