New Music Release: Donna Cherry Tha Chop - Hoe'n

New Music Release: Donna Cherry Tha Chop - Hoe'n

San Diego based rapper Donna Cherry Tha Chop tells us her story in her own words and on her own terms. The emerging rapper shares stories of her life on her debut album "Hoe’n." The album showcases Donna’s skills as a quick-witted rhyme slayer who can speak authentically about her edgy lifestyle and doing what it takes to make ends meet.


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About Donna Cherry Tha Chop

Donna Cherry Tha Chop is a rap artist from San Diego who is turning old rap stereotypes on the world’s oldest profession upside down with her unique perspective. The pimp/prostitute dynamic has long been a fascination in the rap and hip-hop worlds, with many male artists inhabiting the pimp identity. Donna brings the prostitute persona to life with tales from her real-life experience as a full-time escort. While crafting a style that most resembles West Coast legends, Donna is breaking through by telling her side of the story, of luxury, making major sums of money and staying true to the game.

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