New Music Release: Steny & Jacob Lee - "Overdose"

Here is the moment you all have been waiting!!! Are you curious?

Okay, y’all must have been wondering what’s coming from the Deep House Genre lord, “Steny”. Don’t be curious, here comes the exciting moment y’all have been waiting for!!!

It’s all about Steny and Jacob Lee, A sensational ‎Pop, ‎R&B, and Hip-Hop artist in the music industry who just released a single titled “Overdose.” Very versatile and original flow, as well as great beat production with lovely guitar-vocals. Steny passion for music is bound to take him to the top and be ahead of his competitors in the music industry. His lyrics are original and breathtaking.

Steny understands complexity because his flow provides listeners with a profound, unique look at the world of music that’s bringing a new sound to the game. He’s determined to connect with the people who support music.

Listen to his lovely hit single with Jacob Lee and feel the vibes with absolutely nothing to lose but much to gain.

This single will be absolutely perfect for any fan of great Pop, R&B, and Hip-hop music with a special twist, but not only: you don’t need to love hip-hop in order to love this, and you can definitely appreciate the really unique blend of different genres that this track will be able to offer you!

Find out more about Steny and do not miss out on this amazing single. You can listen to it directly on Spotify!

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