October handed me my ass with no apologies, this has been a very interesting month and I am actually glad that it's finally going to be over but I seriously doubt November it's going to be just as forgiving, I always have a hard time during the holidays and I seem to work more then celebrate during these times and I am not sure yet if is a blessing or a curse. Most of my October was spent readjusting my business as well as getting on the same page with my two business partners (one Aries, the other Scorpio) and I had picked them because of their many strengths and they are super strong individuals and that’s what I wanted for partners. And they have taught me a lot and I am so thankful for that. It has been a challenge this month trying to finish up projects as well as taking on new clients in the mist of readjusting things not only in my personal life but business. Trying to stay on top of things is for sure my focus for November. The highlight of October was for sure sitting back and watching people in the spiritual community play the “who’s dick is bigger game” I do laugh at a lot of the shit I come across in articles as well as YouTube and I have to bite my lip a lot because I have this habit of hurting people’s feelings so I know its best for me not to say anything at all if I don’t have anything nice to say!

 As an astrologer I do follow the transits and I just can’t wait for Mars to move his angry ass out of my 4th house, and the up coming transits shall be interesting to see how they play out. I’ve been debating on writing some astrological articles when it comes to the transits, possibly after the 1st of the year when I get done with the projects I am currently working on. I have ordered some new astrological books that I am excited to dig into, and plan on spending the first week of November reading and learning something new. One of my projects is the 27 Nakshatra's and trying to get them all memorized as well has learning to read charts using them versus the 12 Zodiac signs. The more I study the 27 Lunar Mansions the more jaw dropped I am at how on point they are compared to the 12 Sun Mansions.  I have been studying astrology pretty much my whole life and to go from Western to Eastern Astrology has been one of the best choices I ever made last year, and it has opened my mind up to things unimaginable. Tomorrow is Halloween, and I am still debating if I am going to do anything special or not. But again, I am so glad this month is over! 

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