Randall Lee Richards Takes Country Music to a New Level

Randall Lee Richards, a brand new music artist from Nashville, United States, presents you with intense country music that will make you feel very alive. He mainly specializes in country and pop music. He has been quite involved with the music industry since he was 12 years old. It was not long before his songs got him signed under major labels like EMI and Sony Music.

His songs are well-written, beautifully executed and produced in a crisp and straightforward manner. His song “While You Were Sleeping” is honest, intimate and full of passion. The lyrics describe the feelings and deep connection shared between couples. It has a personal touch and it inspires loyalty and love.

Another of his most popular song like “A Paradise Life” expresses his awe and wonder about his own life. This new single has quickly added to over 1000 radio stations in America and around the world. It has made its mark on YouTube and other social media and music platforms. His songs are to-the point, well set-up, and introduces to his artistic and creative instinct.

Randall Lee Richards’s music really gets you addicted. Stay tuned to Soundcloud and other music platforms for his upcoming releases. Also follow him at http://randallleerichards.com for his latest activities.

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