Real N3mo’s ‘I GLO’ is Making the Party Animals Wild on the Dance Floor

Brand new artist Real N3mo makes a grand comeback with his latest single I GLO. This unbelievably talented artist from Atlanta, United States has been dropping some magnificent hip hop and rap beats as well as delivering haunting R&B melodies too for quite some time. His latest hit music track possesses the authenticity, honesty and creativity. It presents you wild passion and emotion which will envelop you in a memorable music experience. He expresses his truest self through his music. ‘I GLO’ has become the new go-to track for hardcore hip hop and rap music lovers.

The intensely manic soundscape compliments well with the engaging and bold performance. Strong vocal performance and heavy beats are the chief characteristics of this song. The smooth and uniform flow of rap verse will get you into a party mood. The unique and unpredictable lyricism make this song stand out in the crowd. The ambience of this particular song is dark and strangely seductive. The unconventional mix of instrumentations and effects create an incredibly unforgettable music experience. Real N3mo’s latest single ‘I GLO’ will make you fall in love with underground hip hop and rap music.

For his latest music releases, you can follow him on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

To listen this song ‘I GLO’ by Real N3mo, visit the given link:

Also, check out the music video of this track ‘I GLO’ on YouTube:

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