SoundCloud Artist Jonathan Burkett is going Global with ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’

Jonathan Burkett’s latest track ‘Changes Feat. Polancapop’ feels like a modern day release but it quickly develops into a quirky fusion of styles and genres that stay true to the artist’s own way with music. This track showcases an electrifying musical backdrop with the flawless vocal performance which has an unbelievable level of delicacy. When it comes to lyricism, this track is very honest and open, equally dealing with the matters related to the heart and mind.

The track Changes Feat. Polancapop is a combination of old school hip hop and new edgy rap verses which evolves into a unique fusion of styles of various genres, but it keeps the artist’s style and trademark intact. This track delivers exhilarating musical backdrop and the impeccable vocal performance has an incredible level of warmth and realness. The lyricism lends a lot of honesty and a sense of character to the whole track. His music basically deals with the delicate matters of the heart and mind. This artist has let his eclecticism run wild in the lyrics, melody ambience and beats which will get the fans hooked to his music.

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