Opening just 90 seconds , Meireles free kick , the ball bounced in the penalty area after beating low Neipamiqi left hand , but the referee did not whistled for a penalty . Sparta then hit back , Dianshe small restricted area above the lintel . The first five minutes , Joe Cole left outside the area in case of a very small angle may pass like shot, the ball hit the crossbar bottom line remote 11 minutes , received a pass from the right penalty area near the Siang Ke , the head ball from the center over the bar. After 2 minutes , 12 meters Kadlec header beat Agger , Reina dome too easy being confiscated , then Agger 25 meters free kick left-footed volley over the bar. The first 17 ​​minutes , Meireles out on the right corner, Kyrgiakos header straight 13 meters lower right corner, the ball fell to the ground Sparta goalkeeper Blazek closed out the first 22 minutes , Kelly the right to force a breakthrough biography, Meirelles foot Tui 12 meters over the bar . Portugal midfielder hurt shoulder , had to end treatment , but the Portuguese midfielder quickly back in the game ; the first 25 minutes , Lucas pass, Joe Cole fifa coins cross left footed shot from the penalty area by goalkeeper Online saved the first 30 minutes , down Siang Ke behind Kelly received a yellow card ; 2 minutes Houengege be Siang Ke right break down, which was a yellow card . The first 36 minutes of Liverpool missed a great opportunity to Kuyt on the right cross, Ngozi 14 meters right foot Tui was saved by goalkeeper brave , with Houqiaokeer pass, Ngozi 13 meters hit the door again was goalkeeper . The first 45 minutes , Tui penalty point was blocked , then Lucas 26 meters long shots just wide in the second half Easy side battles , Carragher replaced Kelly. The first 46 minutes , Covey Ukraine marked 13 meters shot did not force the ball was Reina ; 3 minutes left the field after a long pass siege , Meirelles 14 meters right foot volley wide ; The first 51 minutes , a long pass found Meireles Kuyt , the Dutch restricted left cross, Ngozi Road outflank 15 meters left foot shot hit the defect first 59 minutes , Jamie Carragher tipped behind by the referee A Beina yellow card . Houqiaokeer shot inside the restricted area with grab points higher , England coach Fabio Capello also came to the scene to watch the battle . The first 65 minutes , Spearing replaced Paulson , 2 minutes pass, Kuyt left rib 13 meters right foot volley blocked by defender defender Liverpool four difficult to get the opportunity to let the Spartans , The Reds striker fell into weakness . The first 70 minutes , Siang Ke restricted area 12 meters ahead on the right front Agger poke over the bar ; five minutes later, Meireles Zhise , Ngozi small angle hit the door Blazek blocked. The first 79 minutes , Joe Cole cross, Kuyt 11 meters right foot fire was goalkeeper . 2 minutes 10 meters header went just 86 minutes , Liverpool broke the deadlock , Meirelles out on the left corner, Kuyt 6 meters header succeeded , 10 ! If the score held until the whistle , Liverpool will qualify for the next round. The first 91 minutes , Joe Cole cross, Ngozi penalty shot blocked goalkeeper ; first 92 minutes , Lucas booked, the end of the match, Liverpool With Kuyt beat his opponent to break 10 , and with a total score of 10 eliminated the Spartans last 16.

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