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The track’s fresh production highlights the all-embracing textures of the beat; 808-style, reminiscent of trap music creates a beautiful synergy with lush ambient pads, as well as lo-fi percussion elements. The vocals are highly expressive and emotive, drenched in haunting reverb tones and exploring different melodic ideas.

About Stella in the Clouds
Stella In The Clouds is an French-born singer, songwriter, producer, artist and multiinstrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NYC. Her sound seamlessly explores various genres, ranging from the haunting textures of trip-hop and electronic music, to classical phrasings, pop, and folk. Somewhere between Radiohead meets Cat Power, her music sets an introspective tone to focus in, relax or contemplate that last drag. With over ten years of classical training under her belt, on her 2014 release, “Exile On Earth,” Stella set out to experiment with a combination of folk, chamber and pop, utilizing different instruments to achieve changing moods and aesthetics. Her sound developed into
something new and exciting by the time she released her second studio effort, “Awake We Dream.” This time around, Stella was inspired by modern composers, post-art-rock as well as trip-hop and chill-wave. The sound of this release is emotional and mesmerized, with intriguing arrangements and honest performances, that carries like a hypnotic dream.

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