The Adam Noah is Back with his New Project on Extended Play ‘Habitat’

If you want to hear something fresh and groovy, then The Adam Noah is the perfect click for you. This artist has come up with his recent extended play version which is known as ‘Habitat’. This EP is comprised of 12 tracks and all are based on hip hop and rap. The verses of the tracks have a wonderful swagger. The story-telling ability of the signer will overwhelm your mind. The listeners will get a simple warmth and realness throughout the single of The Adam Noah. The several snippets of harmonica reflect the uniqueness of this rising star as well.

The extended play ‘Habitat’ is composed for people deriving from different segments. Delicate yet thoughtful – this must be the USP of this aspiring artist that has helped him a lot in setting the recognition amongst worldwide fans. Habitat is no doubt a mesmerizing EP that has already driven good traffic to the soundcloud profile of Adam Noah. Tracks such as - ‘Running Back’, ‘Sound Like’, ‘Adam yoda’s Outro’, ‘Taken’, ‘Yuh’, and ‘Catscan’ are wonderfully composed. The expression in his voice really stands tall. To experience his upcoming releases, stay connected!

To check out the songs of The Adam Noah, visit the given link:

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