Range / Zodiac position – 20Deg Aquarius -3Deg 20 Pisces
Dasha Ruling Planet – Guru
Primary Motivation – Artha
Animal – Male Lion
Direction – West
Qualities – Sattwa /Rajas 
Caste – Brahmana
Gender – Male
Body part – The side of the body,the Ribs, the left thigh and the soles of the feet

Duality is the main characteristics of this Nakshatra. So you should never take Purva Bhadrapad native at their face value. They are highly secretive and you may experience later, one side of P. Bhadrapad native you never even knew.
Purva Bhdrapad is a Satwik, passive and most benefic Jupiter ruling Nakshatra. These 3 factors make P. Bhadrapad native highly principled. (Not good for this Kali Yuga). He has to suffer a lot mentally as he takes into his heart even the smallest of confrontations and problems. Purva Bhadrapad said to be like Rudra and it is capable of act exactly what Rudra can.

When Lagna and Moon occupy Purva Bhadrapad Nakshatra, it often indicates an overly serious, fearful, high strung, nervous person who nevertheless may be a skillful speaker. It rules searing pains, falls and injuries from attacks. P. Bhadrapad native does not believe in blind principles of religion. It is said that the native born under this Nakshatra cannot enjoy and full love and attention of his mother.

The negative side of this Nakshatra is an angry, impulsive, anxious personality. Their goal is to rise up their spiritual aspirations in life which can take them out of the domain of selfish behavior. They have the ability to see issues from different points of view, but this trait however makes them appear as Two faced to others. These are the kind of people who have a 9-5 job and in the night can be found in fetish clubs, banging heads to hard core heavy metal, entertaining macabre fantasies, practicing dark tantric rituals or plotting and carrying out violent criminal activities. They are susceptible to extreme views and often end up being part of extreme fundamental groups. They tend to oscillate between extremes in the sexual sphere. All kinds of sexual perversions and phobias are seen to originate in this Nakshatra.

After reading the above description you might be surprised to know a lot of times Purva bhadra natives cannot be distinguished from the rest. They have a strong capacity to fit into contemporary social structures. No one can suspect the kind of things they are up to in their private lives. They usually keep their idiosyncrasies and activities a secret. 

If a case study of mass murderers, homicides and genocides was carried out, it would be found that most of the people involved would have some strong connection with this Nakshatra. This Nakshatra relates both to be persecuted and the persecutor. A Purva Bhadrapad native is ready to stand on one foot for 10 years or even more if he is convinced that it is going to bring them their desired result.


1st Pada 20° 00′ – 23° 20′ Aquarius, fells in Aries Navamsa ruled by Mars. This pada brings out the most aggressive side of this nakshatra. The energy here is more mental. It gives tremendous determination to achieve one’s objective.

2nd Pada 23° 20′ – 26° 40′ Aquarius, falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. This pada relates to the more indulgent side of this nakshatra.

3rd Pada 26° 40′ – 30° 00′ Aquarius, fells in Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. This pada expresses this nakshatra’s energy through more communicative means and makes the native curious. This is the lightest pada of this intense nakshatra.

4th Pada 0° 00′ – 3° 20′ Pisces, fells in Cancer Navamsa ruled by Moon. This pada has an extremely diabolical quality, in the sense that it can be extremely benign or extremely dangerous. It relates both to the persecuted and the persecutor.

This Nakshatra rules professions like those who associate with death and dying –  Morticians, Murderers, radicals,  fanatics, people in the porn industry, weapon makers, psychiatrists, horror movie writers, terrorists and black magicians, terrorist, suicide bomber  etc.




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