Change is inevitable.  Smith is inevitable.  Today I changed the site around as a symbol to myself.  That I need change.  That is why I put the forum on the left hand side of the main page now.  So shit is an open book now.  Everything is documented.  Meetings are held here.  I have goals for today that I am going to keep.  I am going to dedicate myself even more to write everyday and further explain my vision.

This website is starting to we are beginning to shut down a lot of information to those who are not members.  And now that we are doing that...I am starting to see more people come out of the darkness and begin to sign up.  The sneak watching is about to stop.  Certain blogs and jewels are not going to be available to outsiders.  People are stealing information and using it for their own greed.  The ego is amazing!  This website is FOR THE PEOPLE.  ALL of our information is 100% FREE.  If you choose to invest in is because YOU CHOOSE TO.  It is because you believe in the theme here at HOODX, which is resurrection of self through revolution.

But please understand that we do not condone taking the information found on this site and using it for your egotistical glory.  HOODX is for THE PEOPLE.  When you invest in us, you invest in yourself.  That is the theme of multi-level marketing.  That is the theme of Empower Network.  That is the theme of ANY business.  But HOODX is not just a business.  It is LITERALLY A REVOLUTION.  So give yourself and someone else the opportunity to be a part of this internet revolution.  Share revolutionary ideas.  Post them on here, then share them on your Facebook and Twitter.  Use us as a resource to share your radical and revolutionary dreams, ideas, and vision in your world.  Open your eyes to a new way of thinking and change.  Use HOODX forum as a diary to overcome your personal challenges with your ego and lower self.  By accepting your faults, you embrace them and overcome them.  That is why I promise to write everyday in the keep me focused.  That's the point of the living room.  So...I'll see you tomorrow.  Stay focused!



If you're done making excuses, and you're ready to JOIN THE REVOLUTION and start MAKING MONEY, sign up here!

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GET A PRE PAY CARD~ Righteous King God Born Elohim

Change can mean physically, emotionally, spiritually and or mentally. There is growth in these different aspects. People fail to realize how they lock themselves into a world of never moving forward. Take a look at what people do with their income tax money. Do they invest it in something that will benefit them or do they spend them on Jordans and partying? Think to yourself how can you rise when you limit yourself. Below are two charts one is from the 1900's and the other is more up to date, instead of getting yourself debt free are you piling on the bills therefore increasing the stress.

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