I can still feel..
The. ..

Nemonic jingles recited to me from..within my mother's womb..
(You pretty deep brotha)
Confined to flesh.. I came into this world just like..

everyone else.

To..question..and figure out..what all this sound was designed for.. Lead me to be-lie-ve.. 1st and foremost

popular tv shows.. 80's movies analog music and technology was on the rise when. I was growing up..(I still remember playing Nintendo's and Sega Genesis)

My outlet..was programming
(Lack of a better term mind control)
Programming that my age group induced a huge level of personal indulgence.. A Technological time frame..
Products were placed in front of me..which soon..played an active role in my families life from movies music..to toothpaste, monopoly & doritios chips..

Life was moving..or passing by..I should say..things were" running smoothly.. (Damn I miss the ignorant Bliss..lol)
Until one day..it dawned on me..

Who am I?

Like scenes from the 1990s Jackie chan movie..

I went in search.. For a better explanation.. Then what I was originally given by parental figures,teachers,siblings, OG's..

I got involved with computers when I was young.. Old Macintosh.. School low budget computers.. Fascinated me.. I seen myself..using a computer.. To make music.. (For reals.. I Really+ did)
I was 11 years old in the year 2000.. And seen a glimpse.. Or visionary projection.. Of sitting in front on a box..tv screen..typing keys. .that had alphabetical letters.
Music emanated from the speakers..as I typed..

I remember when groundzero
9-11 2001.. Occurred
I was at school.. On a Tuesday..
Went home early.. Felt nothing for new yorkers.. I was a kid..stuck in my geographic location Fresno, California..

The sound of children crying at school the next day..and so on..lead me to think..

My days of feeling like a total outsider.. Settled in..as I got older..

I moved around a lot as a kid.. Made close to no..friends.. Dated countless females.. Relieved from a hard day in school(it was a fulltime job going to and from school)
..I focused on music, midi,Casio keyboards, classic riffs,legendary keys, I was not a total fan(never bought into the fantasy)

..of all music.. Early on..I always knew..music had corporate intent..and reasoning for being shelved at department stores.. American shit..really started to bore me.. Computers kept me busy..kept me from bad arguments, petty small time bullshit..I look back at..crimes committed..by my closest relatives.. Losing loved ones to the street life.. The madness was there all along!
Destractions, destructions, and the usual impacts..or side effects got me wondering ..what's causing all this shit to go down..

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Research the six of cups.

Sunlight is the cure to this type of programming.  We need just as much sunlight as we are exposed to programming.  My son spends a lot of time watching tv.  I also take him in the sunlight at least for an hour a day.  It helps balance all that digital programming.   Great post!

thanks brotha.. 

our birth rite.. is in tha sunlite

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