Underground Mix Playlist


HOODX Backstage 1

1. Reem ft. Lil Herb, Spenzo, King Louie-Chicago Conscious Remix

2. CnC-Muscle

3. HB The MealTicket-Wedding Cake

4. Yungn Voorheez-G.O.O.F.

5. E.Jilla ft Hot Rod-Well Connected

6. Montana of 300-Chiraq Remix

7. Lil Durk ft OTF NuNu-O.C.

8. DJ Flash McFly-Loud

9. Que Billah-K.K.K.

10. 400 Block-Kickback

HOODX Backstage 2

1. Brother Ali-Good Mourning America

2. JJ Fish-Quit Hatin

3. Reem ft Jim Jones-We in it

4. E.Jilla-Get Up Off Your Ass

5. Erk Tha Jerk-Blast Somebody

6. Spenzo-True Star

7. Wood Wizzard-B.Y.D.

8. Montana of 300-Holy Ghost

9. Just Flo-Willie Wonka Lynch (Chaotic Culture)

HOODX Backstage 3

1. Ben Real-Unorthodox/Jacob's Ladder

2. J-Willz ft Nigel Damani-Colors

3. Anthony Profits-James Bond

4. Lil Durk-Try Me

5. Split Personality-So Many Bitches

6. Wood Wizzard-Training Day

7. Pyrobethename-Illuminati

8. Dan EP ft Trapboi Manikin- Clones

9. Rita Rose-Paint it Black

10. Tom Hutch ft Chasten the Don and Johnny Solo-Hate Our Moves

11. Emp DeNiro-BeenKillinShit

12. ItzCookiez-L.O.M.L.

HOODX Radio TV Episode 1

1.  T. Lee- The Overpower
2.  Brandon Stoehr- In the Meantime
3.  Rodrick Vaughan- Don't Stop Me
4.  The Reaper-No Way
5.  The Good Husbands-Utopian House Party
6.  PME-Middle Finger

HOODX Radio TV Episode 2

1. Prestige Ent. LLC x CTE World Presents Slicc Gekko Starring Slicc Pulla & DC Young Fly
2. Wood Wizzard - Shmurda Remix Dir By @therobotpandaa
3. J-Nite ft Johnny Smack & Big Heavy - 2 Cool 4 Dat
4. Call the Cops - Rob Hustle ft. Bump
5. Reese-G & Bo-G - Batman & Robin (Dir.Bo-G)
6. Charles Francis - Intro Dir By @therobotpandaa
7. Bo-G - Pound Cake (Dir.Bo-G)


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Comment by K-Blao on February 11, 2015 at 6:00pm
February 11, 2015

C-Ray Walz-The Golden Legacy
C-Ray Walz-Dead Buffalos
Merc Versus-Magnetic
Merc Versus-Lost
Comment by K-Blao on February 4, 2015 at 3:45pm

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February 4, 2014

HOODX Underground Radio Playlist 

1. Merc Versus-Hunger Games

2. Sacred Smoke-YODO

3.  This is Murder Freestyle

4.  K-Blao-We Just Multiply

5.  Thraxx @2Blunts4-Rollin'

6.  Young Dev T.R.K.-Lake Shore Drive

7.  Ben Real-Unorthodox

8.  PoeMoe ft Styxx and Young Church-Mental Intercourse

9.  Baddest Thang Walking

10.  Beadz ft Block BOyzz-Amy Winehouse

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11.  PoeMoe ft Styxx-Symbolz

12.  Yungn Voorheez-Crooked Ass Bitches

13.  J-Nite-I'm Getting It

14.  Mook Dook ft Johnny Smack & J-Nite-Streetlights

15.  Rodrick Vaughan-Don't Stop Me

16.  Ben Real

17.  True Rhymes-My Kind of Therapy

18.  K-Blao ft Soye-Baby I'm So Cold

19.  Hendy-Hot Nigga (Remix)

20.  Fresh-Make It To The Top

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21.  Syph ft Tory Lanez-100 Bandz

22.  Substance Abuse ft Sadat X-Three Sheets to the Winner

23.  Yung Ro ft D.O.-Get Dat Money Baby

24.  M1 of Dead Prez ft K'naan and Stori J- Til We Get There

25.  Young Dev T.R.K.-Get It On

26.  Daiikiru Maximillion-I Sense Urgency

27.  Big Woodz ft Guapo-Pull Out

28.  Day-N-Nite Skellz Nature Boy L.F.G

29.  Merc Versus- Crispus Attucks

30.  O.G. Terratino- Don't Play

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31.  Pre Dolla-We Ain't The Same

32.  TRUTH-Smoke and Mirrors

33.  Popie ft D. Yerk-It's Funny

34.  JUMZ-Criminal Mind

35.  Brandon Stoehr-I Got Dreams

36.  Beadz ft LV-Hood Supplier

37.  Jay Remedie-Odd Days

38.  PoeMoe ft Styxx-Black Diamonds

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