Magic Genie of the Lamp

Magic Genie of the Lamp

Who...the?  What are you doing here?  How did you get through?  How?  This completely goes against the nature of the universe?  No one has ever come this far.  How did you get through the great barriers and walls of fire?  How could you manage to balance your desires and passions?  How?

Please forgive me for entering unannounced, but the earth is in desperate times...

Ha.  The earth has always been in desperate times. Somehow she always seems to pull through. don't understand. They're...zombies now... 

Zombies? even eat people.  They completely go against nature now.  Every brutal and sexual act has been physically recorded and played out as drama and allowed to cross back over into the ether as consciousness.  The level of desperation is at an all time high.  The people are consciously choosing death.  The so called leaders are cowards, stuck in their ways, getting fat off the land.  The slaves still rake the land...dreaming to release the kingdom back into the bloodstream of the people, but lack the practice and patience to build the empire.  Addiction is encouraged.  Set has been allowed to release agents of chaos into ether, to biologically attach themselves to the people by using vril manipulated blue ray energy.  Culture is manufactured.  Chaos is packaged.  Desperation is sold.  Distraction is the result.  Comfort is bliss.  Ignorance is multiplying faster than knowledge.  Wisdom is decaying.  Understanding is becoming more mutilated by the second....

...Magic Genie of the Lamp...normally I would ask for three wishes, but I just have one...

Young fool, try to understand that the path that you are up taking has been a road that many before you have traveled.Your faith is real.  Your life is at risk.  This is why you have paid attention to detail and mastered your craft.  You have developed the tools to create the magic yourself.  The power is in yourself.  It takes great patience and meditation to balance this power.  You must master the art of being still.  The secrets of the universe are being revealed to you. Just look right in front of you.  The heart of the soul is the heart of the earth.  This is the secret foundation of the physical manifestation.  Love is pure.  Love is natural.  Love is communication.  The heart is everywhere, though it does not know it.  All hearts are connected, though they do not know it.  The natural urge is to connect all of the hearts at your will.  This is not the way.  Love is patient.  When it is time for love, love will reveal itself.  Until then, Love sits on it's throne as majesty of the universe.  Love dictates where the earth moves.  Love is the authority to the sun and moon.  Love is universal law. and order.  You must learn to trust love and listen to love like a teacher.  You are the student.  Trust love.  Let love teach you how to love.  Discipline yourself to love and love only.  Believe in your traditions and conform to a life where you put love first.  Organize your inner structure.  Love yourself.  Don't put yourself in circumstances that cause you to fall out of love.  Tell your neighbor that you love them. Tell your neighbor that you love yourself.   Let this be your connection and union before tangible items or ideas.  The choice of making love is a sacred union.  A perfect match of  the most dynamic forces of opposites in the universe, making a decision to coming together.  This was already written in the ether.  This creates force.  Force creates will power.  Will power commands the universe.  However this is not the goal.  Love is the goal.  Lust and strength are always a temptation but self determination is greater than lust.  Self determination comes from loving yourself.  This takes divine introspection and inward travel.  You must do what you did today.  You must go deep into the self until you break through to the other side and witness the entire universe for yourself.  There is a section carved out just for you.  It's based on your reflection and analysis.  Isolation causes you to seek for the light within yourself.  This guides you to maturity, which is the beginning of loving the self without guilt.  You have found yourself, anxiously waiting on the other end. This is your destiny.  This is your fate.  This is beyond your control.  You had a date with the universe.  This is a great opportunity for you to bring good luck to others yourself.  You are now the genie.  You bring the fortune to others.  This is love elevation.  This is the correct way of doing this.  No separation.  Love is fair.  Love is balanced.  Love is equal.  Love is honest, therefore justice is natural.  This is sacrifice.  Love is sacrifice.  There are those who will be sacrificed to spread love.  Devotion to love is sacrifice.  Their sacrifice will bring greater balance between understanding and revolution.  Everything naturally balances itself.  Love is balance.  Love is revolution.  Change is inevitable but love is the essence.  Death is inevitable but love is timeless.  When you detach and release from the body you fall.  At first you may be afraid while falling, until you fall into a pool of universal love.   Love is healing.  Love is balance.  It takes the perfect mix of patience and devotion.  Their is an art to being creative.  There is a harmony when working hard.  Even though you are sacrificing, you won't feel tied down or trapped.  You are no longer confused or ignorant.  The veil of ignorance has been pulled.  You have seen heaven.  You have seen hell.  Now you must become addicted to love.  Depend on nothing.  Tangible items bring misery.  All things fall.  All things break and eventually die.  When they die, they are forgotten.  Love controls lightning. It realizes when it is time to rain.  It naturally exposes those who try to unbalance it's throne and cause chaos. This gives hope for the wicked to become good.  This gives hope for the blind to see.  This gives hope for even the dead to resurrect.  Love is hope. It is like drinking pure water from a crystal glass.  It renews you inside and gives you a wide perspective.  No longer hidden in unclear illusions, your instincts are at your control now.  You were once unconscious of how wild and lost you were.  Those nightmares and fears were just as real and a part of you as your ten toes and fingers.  But the light of the sun brings freedom and liberation from ignorance and death.  Love is enlightenment.  Love is clarity.  Awaken to power of judgement.  The Genie of the Lamp has been reborn in the physical.  It is a new pure beginning.  All of your mistakes have been forgiven.  Now is the time for you to turn into the Magic Genie of the Lamp.  You will heal many people.  Love is recovery.  Unite yourself with the universe.  The law of unification is the principles of principles.  Nothing is accomplished without unification and satisfaction.  Your job will never be complete, but you will find joy in knowing that the world will feel as if you have already accomplished your life's work.  This is why you must now become the Magic Genie of the Lamp.

Please forgive my tears.  May I ask just one question?


How did you know that I was going to ask for you to turn me into the Magic Genie of the Lamp? 

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    This hit home!

  • Damian Matthew Hall

    Phenomenal and I havent even read the whole thing yet...must be the agents of chaos distracting me...freaking nice bro!

  • Jae Can

    Changed my life. Thank you