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Are you planning to purchase a brand new TV? You may have still not decided on which kind of TV to buy. There are various options such as LCD, Plasma, or LED. There are various reasons associated with why you should buy a particular kind of TV and why you shouldn't buy a particular TV. The following 5 reasons will let you know why you should purchase an LED reklam TV and…


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BMW have been fitting Angel Eye lights to some models for over 10 years now. They are simply light rings around the outside of the headlamp which can be switched on independently of the headlight itself. They replace the more conventional side lamp. Angel Eyes are sometimes known as neonskyltar Corona Rings too.

Until recently, BMW Angel Eye light rings have been illuminated using normal halogen headlamp bulbs.…


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butik skyltar

Back in the old days, the navigation lights on your boat were little incandescent bulbs housed within a small fixture with colored lenses. Simple and small as they were, somehow they always seemed to have a way of causing problems far out of proportion to their size. Oftentimes it seemed as though the mere act of putting a boat on the water in the dark would cause them to blow out. A few butik skyltar nighttime outings…


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fasadskylt belysning

Efficiency has become a primary goal in everything we do these days. Businesses and individuals alike are starting to demand greater fuel efficiency in vehicles, homeowners are demanding better energy efficiency in their windows and doors, and we are simply looking for as many ways as possible to stretch our money while using less energy and fewer resources. But how do you do this in business applications without first spending great expense on new features and hardware? The answer can be…


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led skyltar

LED lighting is now widely available, but is it ready for the mass market, and is the mass market ready for LED? While it is developing quickly, it is still a relatively new technology that is going to take a while to establish itself.

Are consumers ready for led skyltar?

Since it was first developed in 1927, LED technology has gone through many changes, most of these in the last 5…


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Can-bus stands for controller area network and is a specialized communication network that allows devices within the vehicle to communicate to the cars computer or ECU. With this complex system in place, the driver will be notified of any parts of the vehicle that are not operating within the manufacturers limitations such as non-functioning lights, low tire pressure, parts that are not working correctly, and more. Many modern European vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and…


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LED light therapy (light emitting diode) is sky rocketing in popularity and only shows signs of exploding ever further due to the effectiveness and safety of this advanced technology. This therapy has been shown to significantly improve the skin and ease pain without drugs, downtime, or pain. It's a viable alternative to more invasive treatments without the risk.

There are a number of exceptional systems …


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