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Feeling good on the inside . No longer focused outwardly for nothing all that matters is what is residing within me . Life is looking so beautiful now . My mental is shifting no longer focused on what society defines as relationships between a man and a woman . Finally inner standing and with this 720` degree shift that has resurrected within I am finally on the path that I belong on . No longer attaching self to anyone or anything . No longer hindering my soul to be responsible for nobodies…


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Bre Millz - The City Of Dreams Hosted by @DjSmokeMixtapes




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As axles and degrees shift .. more stuff is being revealed to me . Was busy wasting inner g on a lot of personal lifestyle . The internet is a gate way to a soul sucking man invested power drainer . I literally felt face prowl sucking off my inner man , my intuition . People call me krazy but they soul is lazy . Well mine is very much awake as I go through more trials and tribulations while I watch the spiritual warfare manifest which I can no longer digest . I literally had to pull out of…


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All You Gotta Do is Breathe Lit

The All You Gotta Do is Breathe Lit

1.  When experiencing a hypnotic attack from the Thought Adjusters, the body may go into apnea.  Apnea is when the body involuntarily stops breathing.  Apnea usually happens during sleep, however it can be experienced by…


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The Terminator Avatar

The Terminator Avatar

1.  When someone comes up with a great idea and talks about it for a while, but no action is taken.  

2.  The Terminator was a film about a cyborg that went back in time to kill John…


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NASA Confirms -Super Human Abilities Gained Through Sungazing

Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time?  That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for what’s known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA.  Many proponents of this ancient technique, used by many cultures such as Mayan, Egyptian,…


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Business 101: Starting Your Business (Underground Railroad Radio)

Last night I was on a talk show with a brother who likes to argue. Listen....

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Spell-eng Bee of Words


(1) The first sound was Aum and all words have spawned from this.  All sounds are a very low density form of light.   Your thoughts are energy and vibration that create Quanta particles (Light) the basic building blocks of matter.

(2) The establishment of the movement of quantum particles within a field of energy containing information establishes a…


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Hommicide @All_Black_Hommi Ft. @MizMAF - GUAP (Official Video)

Hommicide ft. Miz MAF - GUAP (Official Video) from djsmokemixtapes on Vimeo.



Hommicide ft. Miz MAF - GUAP (Official Video)…


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Salt - Eternal Medicine

(1) Natural sea salt is reconstituted seawater and stabilizes the pH of the body.  An alkaline body will produce gold blood serum.  You will literally be gold from the inside out.  Your blood serum has almost the same mineral consistency and proportions as seawater. Sea salt contains many essential minerals.  When you suffer a deficiency of trace elements your cells lose the…


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Check Out Malaki - Flamin Hot (Official Video)

Malaki - Flamin Hot (Official Video)

View It On Youtube…


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The Starchatarian

     The starchatarian can not stand hot temperatures. They must be constantly in a cold climate or they will literally lose their "cool."  They are vibrating at a low frequency and are Vampires addicted to high starch content foods along with animal blood flesh.  They prefer to come out only at nighttime as this is when their performance is optimal.  Being a day walker is not something they injoy and can only function minimally.

     The word starch is derived from…


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Culture Freedom Radio Presents: HOOD-X "The Revolution" With K-Blao has revolutionized the way we share information online. This is the future of social media and online business. Regardless if you are a marketing guru or brand new to the internet, creating and sharing Revolutionized Links are the EASIEST way to become a full time social marketer.…


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Aceito Banks @Aceitobanks - Hell Yea feat Paris Beuller








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Another sunny day in California . Interesting how I can have peace and tranquility ... but soon as I log onto face prowl ,, I can just feel the neg inner g coming from different / groups . What I am plugging into is no longer serving me and I can feel it more and more. I have never been a real big internet fan like I have been on face prowl and it's amazing how people don't fight with they words they use links and self made links and pictures ... LOL! Their are a lot of miserable people in…


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[NEW VIDEO] @Tevin_Kushin - Thinking Bout You



Tevin Kushin - Thinking Bout You



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I am very interested in opening a forum specifically for home schooling that will offer a place where other parents whom home school or interested to learn more. I know this will come in handy . Also a place to exchange idea or stories or concerns . 

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Whom ever reads this ,, I thank you ... Peace and Prosperity always. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and inner g cleansing. Just detoxing a lot of stuff from my mind and feeling great with the progress I am seeing and applying to my life. I am finally at peace when it comes to my 4 children . Have all of them pulled out the district schools and am now home schooling mines . I feel great .. I feel complete again . Doors are just opening for me with the home school I am working with…


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Kurze Erzählungen vom übermäßig riesigen.

Gestern bei Firma ingifts: Pennen sie schon? fragte mini ungeheuer ganz leise.„Nee, ich glaube, noch nicht“ erwiederte freaky kreaturen „Wollen wir vielleicht mal klären?“„Ach nee, will nicht“ „Hoffentlich passiert es in der aktuellen Nacht und diemals dösen wir nicht schon wieder ein, paßt mal auf die monster neben Euch auf, ob sie noch wach sind“ freaky monsters Intonation wurde ein bißchen laut.

„Pst, pst“ kam es da auch auf Anhieb von dem Wache monster an der Tür „leise sein“„Und wenn… Continue

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AGENT#106NYC Vs. Dr. Who Dat!? (Beats+Crates)

Jneiro Jarel is an American alternative hip hop artist. He is also known for his beat-making alias Dr. Who Dat!? and his groups Willie Isz, JJ-DOOM & The Shape Of Broad Minds, who've shared the stage with artists ranging from Jay-Z to Radiohead. He has collaborated with artists such as Damon Albarn, Count Bass D, Massive Attack and TV on the Radio…


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